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First Off – A Big Thanks to Elizabeth C. for your kind donation to the site. Everyone of them helps to offset costs and time ands lets me know that the time put into the site is appreciated. Thank You Elizabeth :)
Erie, PA continues to camp out on top of Golden Snow Globe Mountain and I’m guessing that they have been there so long they probably have a ski resort built by now :) Can Erie continue to hold on to the top spot for another month or two? No doubt all of the other top cities blew a good chance to catch up to them the last several days. Syracuse managed to melt away only 7 tenths of an inch off the lead. For the most part all of the cities have been taking a break from the snow including Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Billings who round off the top 5 snowiest big cities in the US. After a couple of days with the temps above freezing and two days in a row with the sun shining, at least Here in Syracuse, I’m thinking just give Syracuse 10 inches and let’s call it a wrap :)

Sorry about the lack of updates but I have really been letting my other work slide lately. I barely looked at my shopping websites in the last 6-8 weeks because of the snow and time spent on this site. I’m loving it though and enjoying every update I do and I am also loving the fact that the snow race is really close again this season. It could get interesting in the next week…

Warning, Shameless Plug Ahead – That said I did need to take a few days off from here to start a new project which is a new Printer Ink Cartridges Online website. It’s still in the beginning stage but I was able to get about 25 hours into it :) For any of you that purchase your printer ink online for home or for your business all I ask is that you check out the site and shop through there. The merchants give this snowman a little bit back in return for me sending buyers to their stores. You can order supplies for your printers, all in one printers, copy machines and fax machines. I’ll be adding more merchants in the next couple of days along with more coupons to help you save even more. Generic – compatible ink cartridges and laser toners are one of the best buys online and I have been personally buying mine online for about 12 years now give or take. Most if not all of the merchants I’ll be adding to the site also offer a 100% guarantee on their printer products. You can check my ink site out Here at Printer Ink Cartridges – OK, End of Shameless Plug ;)

Have an Awesome Weekend All!