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First Off – A big Thanks to Jack Y. for your recent generous donation to the site. As always I cannot say enough how much I appreciate it and how they do offset the costs of the site and time spent on it. I’ve received many donations this month that have helped out and it’s nice to know that the site and hours that go into it is appreciated. Thanks again Jack and to the rest of you :)
3/28 Erie Sets up The Catapult and Fires Away - It was Erie, Pa’s turn to launch some snowballs in the direction of Syracuse this time and Dave Belmondo was more than happy to step up to the snow mountain and fire away :) If you read below you will see that Andrew Donovan from Syracuse’s channel 9, WSYR was the first to throw a snowball at David Belmondo and the city of Erie. Erie who is in first place right now with some more snow in their forecast wasn’t going to just sit by and take the pounding from second place Syracuse, NY. Below are both video’s of some fun back and forth going on between Erie and Syracuse. Ut Oh, Erie has even gone a little further than Da’Cuse looking for a little help from Bishop Persico, lol. I’m loving it and Let the snowballs fly ;)

If the video doesn’t work for you, try hitting refresh or click the link below.
3/27 Syracuse Launches the First Attack – The snow race got a little bit closer this last update and once again Erie can hear footsteps coming up the snow mountain. Syracuse has closed the lead to just a little over an inch now and no doubt time is running out for all of the cities. Erie is still the King of the snow mountain as they have been most of the season.

I’m liking that some of the local news stations are starting to throw snowballs at each other and Syracuse started it yesterday with Channel 9 in Syracuse doing a little bit of trash talking with David Belmondo from WJET in Erie, PA. All in fun of course and that’s what the snow contest is about. Here is a clip of that and lets wait and see if David Belmondo has a few snowballs up his sleeve to toss back at Syracuse. Kind of seems like I am trying to instigate a good snowball fight doesn’t it ;) Of Course I AM!!!

If you get an Error with the video you can click on the link below to watch it.


I think I heard something about part 2 on Channel 9 news in Syracuse with Erie’s respond tonight. Stay tuned because I’m reading about more snow in the air come the end of the weekend. Have a Great Weekend Everyone :)