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First Off – A Big Thanks to Jamie D. for your generous donation to the site. I’ll keep repeating it, Every one of them helps to offset costs and time ands lets me know that the time put into the site is appreciated. Thank You Very Much Jamie :)

Let’s try adding some videos and putting a little humor and feel good into the website. Below are a couple of videos that have been going around the internet. One has been around for awhile and is one of my favorites that I think is funny of people on an elevator in Brazil. Then again it’s not me in the elevator.. The other is of a homeless man down on his luck who is told he won the lottery and you’ll see what happens. Kind of a feel good video IMO ;)

Homeless Man Down on His Luck is Told He Won The Lottery

This video brought a lump to my throat. It’s a guy that was given a lottery ticket and told it was a winner. Is he being played and pranked? If you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth watching..

Funny Video of People in Elevator in Brazil Get Scared and Pranked

Now this video of the scary elevator cracks me up every time I watch it. The thing is I can see myself being stuck in it and just the lights going off alone would make me scream like the sissy man I am ;) Funny IMO!

I hope you enjoyed the feel good and funny videos. I’m trying to think of what to do with the website when the snow stops falling. A few have mentioned keep track of the rain but that kind of seems a little depressing and obviously the winner of that would have to be the city that receives the least amount. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Have a Great Sunday Everyone ;)