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Syracuse managed to slip past Erie, Pa in what has been a back and forth snow race for the past month. As of yesterdays totals Syracuse is winning the Golden Snow Globe contest by just 4.1 inches of snowfall. Could Erie knock Syracuse from the top of the snow mountain? Hell yeah and it won’t take a whole lot to do it. Keep in mind that Worcester, Ma and Salt Lake City are right behind them on the mountain and can also jup to the top with just one little storm.

How did Erie make out today I wonder. A little snow here in the Syracuse area overnight but most of the time it was rain. Maybe another inch or two to add but that’s about it.

This was a full update and I’ll get at least a couple of top 10 updates in during the next few days seeing how it is suppose to start cooling down again ;)

It seems like there is a lot of back and forth going on in the national snow race doesn’t it? That’s because there is and right now it’s a fight for the King of the hill between Syracuse, New York And Erie Pennsylvania. Don’t count out other cities such as Worcester, Massettchusett’s and even Rochester, NY. There is still a ton of time left in the snow season for several cities to pull in a good storm and jump to the top.

Erie,Pa picked up enough snow to catch up to Syracuse and then some. As the snowfall stats show right now Erie, Pennsylvania is right around 3 inches better than Syracuse, NY. Like I mentioned above, don’t count out a few of the other cities yet, There is still a lot of shovelfuls of snow to fall on all of us ;)

I’m reading around and seeing that there are a few storms brewing in the near future. The question is which city will make out the best? Good Luck to all of the snowiest cities’s that are still in play!!!

Have a Great Day All…