From Mother Nature to Erie, Pa

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Updated 11/14 2:30 PM – I just did another update and I think I may have to dedicate the song to both Erie, Pa and South Bend, Indiana. South Bend also set a record yesterday with 12.5 inches of snowfall breaking the old record of 4.7 inches set back in 1974. WTG South Bend ;) Only 0.1 separating the 2 cities now. Stay Tuned!

I’ve been reading some comments on some of the Erie sites about the snow you received yesterday which was over a foot of snow to start the season. 12.6 inches of new snowfall. According to Robert who left a comment, that broke an old record of 12.5 inches. Thanks for the info Robert :)

Some loving it and then of course some not loving it so much. Anyways, this song came to mind for whatever reason. A nice little love song from Mother Nature to Erie, Pa. Yeah, I’m showing my age now ;)

Any Snow in Worcester, Mass or Erie, Pa

Updated 11:00 PM – I just checked to see if NOAA posted any new snow stat.  After checking into it more I see that the next reports for Erie and Worcester will not be out until between 12:30 am and 1:00 am give or take.  Not sure what’s going on in Erie but it’s happening in Worcester right now and it looks like some more heavier snow may be moving in anytime now ;)   Jim Cantore from the weather channel is guesstimating around 6 inches from where he is in Worcester.  I’ll post the new stats when NOAA does a little later to see if we have a new leader.


Top 10 Just Updated -  Any Snow Updates From Worcester, MA and Erie, PA visitors? We’re Curious if it’s snowing there and how hard? Just leave a comment here to let us know what’s going on in your neck of the woods and Thanks for taking the time. :)   Any snow total estimates would be appreciated also ;)

Syracuse may want to be a bit worried right now. Erie, Pa closed the snow gap once again and are now just a couple of inches away from taking the lead. But then again, Erie, Pa may want to be a bit worried because Worcester, MA is expecting quite a bit of snow between today and tomorrow.

The National Weather Service was showing stats unavailable for Worcester, Mass as of their late afternoon update so it’s hard to tell how much snow is falling there. Erie added another inch + to their snow totals so come tomorrow night it should be interesting to see who is the latest King of the Snow Mountain.

Have a Great Night All and See Snow Drive Slow ;)

Syracuse Leads Erie, Pa by Just 4 Inches of Snow

Syracuse managed to slip past Erie, Pa in what has been a back and forth snow race for the past month. As of yesterdays totals Syracuse is winning the Golden Snow Globe contest by just 4.1 inches of snowfall. Could Erie knock Syracuse from the top of the snow mountain? Hell yeah and it won’t take a whole lot to do it. Keep in mind that Worcester, Ma and Salt Lake City are right behind them on the mountain and can also jup to the top with just one little storm.

How did Erie make out today I wonder. A little snow here in the Syracuse area overnight but most of the time it was rain. Maybe another inch or two to add but that’s about it.

This was a full update and I’ll get at least a couple of top 10 updates in during the next few days seeing how it is suppose to start cooling down again ;)