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Updated 7:30 PM -  Just another heads up that a beer has been cracked open, the fire is crackling, the dog is by my feet and the new snow update has already started.  OK, I really don’t have a fire place :)  Come to think about it I have no dog either.  Guess it’s just me, a bottle of Bud and some snow stats…..Should be posted by 9:00 PM


I’m as anxious as I know a lot of you are to see how all of the cities did with this last blast and with snow storm Nemo.  The snow stats for most of the cities snowfall totals for yesterday are out but the overnight stats aren’t.

Remember it take about 3 hours give or take to do a complete update here.  If I do one now it won’t be the real totals because the stats are just for yesterday.  I will do a full update a little later which should have most of the cities current snow totals up to date other than where it is still snowing.  Check back sometime later and we should hopefully have an update for you.

I’m curious as to how all of the cities effected by snow storm Nemo are doing.  It’s looking like the states on the coast are going to get what the experts have been saying.

Any snow where you live?  I think from 4 pm on all snow is suppose to break out.  Here in the Syracuse area just a few flakes falling so far.  I’ll update this as the day goes on.  Just post a comment as to what’s happening in your neck of the woods and I’ll post it on here :)