3 comments on “Any Updates on This Snow Storm?

  1. It should be close Dave. I measured 9 1/2 inches total for the storm. I’m seeing different reports on areas around here and the Syracuse area. It will be interesting when the snow stats come out. I know several cities just put themselves into the hunt now though. Thanks for the update :)

  2. Looks like Erie ended up with 1.4″ today, which allowed us to crack the 70″ mark. As of 1042pm, Syracuse was at 3.3″. Unless Boston or Hartford end up with >50″ from this storm, looks like we’ll still be #1 & #2. You guys may have an opportunity to pass us, though, as it has stopped snowing here.

    • One thing that I left out in my other reply Dave is that you may be over looking another city. I have them on my fantasy snowfall team ;)

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