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The headline probably doesn’t make sense about the National snow contest heating up does it but then again most of the stuff I type doesn’t. Snow and heat just don’t mix I suppose but the snowiest big city in the US contest is starting to get a little more exciting. I figure we have at least past the halfway mark for the snow season last week and we are now into the second half of the snow season with a new storm on the way. Click Here for the Latest on Next Snow Storm!

There are cities that are still sitting out of the snowball fights like Anchorage, Alaska and then there are a few that have decided to come and play with all of us like Worcester, Mass which moved up about 16 spots and slid into the top 25 on the snow mountain. Even Amarillo, Texas joined in one of the most recent snowball fights and hit the top 25 for a day or two with 17 inches of snowfall for the 2014 – 2015 season. Allentown, Pa jumped about 13 spots up the snow mountain but still have a ways to go.

A snow dance will take place sometime today or tonight so beware all ;)

The good part is, well if you like snow of course is that the storms seem to be lining right up one after another. The first half of the season only had a couple decent storms and up until recently was pretty much hit or miss with the Lake Effect snow. From what I have been reading it’s looking like some of the same cities that just got hit and that were hanging near the bottom of the snow contest are going to be getting hit again in the next day or two. It looks like there is a possibility for this next storm to drop even more snow on Boston, Worcester and a lot of other cities.

This next storm could make things really interesting because so far from what I have read and I am still reading it looks like the Snowbelt cities such as Erie, Pa, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Syracuse and Buffalo, New York may just get touched by Mother Nature. That seems to be how it has gone for most of the first half of the season :( For that reason it is time for the first SNOW DANCE of the season to take place. Time to give Syracuse the edge in this seasons snow contest and see if the snow dance can bring this storm a little more northwest ;) . Hopefully not too far west though because I don’t need Buffalo or Erie trying to cash in on the well known widely feared snow dance that seems to work well over 80% of the time.

Just a heads up for the Meteorologists that NO your radars and forecasting equipment aren’t going crazy, it’s just me doing a snow dance for Da’Cuse ;) Stay Safe all and take it slow on the roads….

The snowiest city in the United States is still a tight snow race and could be right down until the last snow flake falls. Syracuse managed to get just enough snow and t wasn’t much to hold off Erie, Pa to remain King of the Snow Mountain since the last update. Worcester, Mass is still right behind the both of them and don’t count out Rochester, NY yet either. They have been slowly sneaking up on everyone the last few weeks.

One announcement to make is that a snow dance has been done in the Syracuse area :) I felt that the time was right and with the low snow totals we have so far in the Syracuse area it was well overdue also. It normally takes around 2 – 3 days for it to start having any effect on the weather so we’ll wait and see what happens. I suggest someone from Erie and the other cities also try a snow dance if you want to keep up ;) We also have a Snow God which resides in the Fairmount area which is just outside of the city and I’ve been informed that it has been awaken and the light is shining. I have a picture somewhere of it and I’ll post it if I can find it.

Keep in mind where are many weather dances and you could be putting your entire city at risk :( A few years back one of our visitors to our sister site the  contest decided to try a dance. Well all hell broke out when instead of heavy snow or a snowstorm, high winds hit the city of Buffalo knocking down trees and knocking out power to thousands. True story, lol. So You Have Been Warned!

Have a Great Weekend All…