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Updated 11/20 - Just a quick post to say Congrats to Anchorage, Alaska for being the first Big city with a pop of 100,000 or more to be the first city to join the 1 foot of snow club this season. It should be interesting to see if any of the other cities will join you now that some cold air is around. WTG Anchorage :)

Snowiest city in the United States


11/19 – OK, Compared to last season at this time, a lot of the Big cities in the snowiest city in the US contest have less snow so far to date. There are a handful of cities that really stand out and a few that have less than a foot, almost 2 feet less snow than they did last year at this time in the snow season.

Grand Rapids, Michigan as of yesterday is only showing a Trace of snow so far for the 2015-2016 snow season. Last season at this time they had 23.4 inches of snowfall at this time. If it seems like a nice Winter season so far for you folks in Grand Rapids, it is. Almost two feet of snow behind the 2014-2015 season :)

Erie, Pennsylvania which only has a Trace of snow also so far looked like they were going for a repeat win last season starting out strong with 17.8 inches of snow at this time last season. Erie, Pa was competitive as always but too many storms, lake effect events just missed them. If it wasn’t for the near misses Erie’s totals probably would have been a couple feet higher by the end of the season. Stop slacking Erie and get it going. You have 17+ inches to catch up to last season :P

South Bend Indiana also started out really strong at the beginning of last season. South Bend had 17 inches of snow by now. Right now South Bend is reporting just a Trace of snowfall this season also.

A couple others who are dragging this season are Cleveland, Ohio and Boise, Idaho. Cleveland had 9.4 inches of snow last season compared to 0.1 inches so far this season. Boise had 7.6 inches about this time in the 2014-2016 snow season compared to 0.8 inches of snow as of yesterday.

The list goes on and on with cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest that are below the amount of snow that they had last season at this time. In fact most of the cities are behind what their average snowfall shoulf be for this time of the year. I have a feeling that several of the cities will be catching up in the next week or so though with some cold air moving into some of the cities. Stay Tuned ;) Click Here for Current Snow Totals!

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Updated 2/22 1:00 PM – First off I want to say Thank You to Eileen O. for your generous donation to the website and for taking the time to do so. I really appreciate it Eileen and it helps out a lot. Thanks Eileen :)

OK, As of this mornings update by the National Weather Service, Worcester managed to out snow Lowell and are currently the snowiest Big city (pop of 100,000)in the United States. The snow contest was tied for a couple of days with both Lowell, MA and Worcester, MA sharing the top of the snow mountain.

Lowell moved down just one spot and is currently in second place and not to far away from the leader. Less than 4 inches separate Lowell and Worcester but watch out, here comes the Favorite Syracuse rounding the last turn in the race. I think it will be really interesting when we get down to the home stretch looking at how close several of the cities are to each other right now :)

Syracuse has managed to slip past Erie, PA, Boston, MA and Buffalo, NY this weekend moving into the number 3 spot. Syracuse started out really slow this season but has finally gotten their snow machine working, Lake Ontario so I think they will be playing in the snow as long as the cold weather sticks around. Of course with only a couple of tenths of an inch of snow separating them from Buffalo, things could change by the time the afternoon update comes out. Stay Tuned ;)

Updated 2/21 11:00 AM – As always I want to give a sincere Thanks to Kevin B. and to Carolyn P. for your recent donations to the snow site. I enjoy keeping the site up as much as I hope everyone enjoys seeing the snow stats and the cities compete. A fun way to pass the winter by. Thank You Kevin and Carolyn :)

OK, I am still surprised that we still have a tie between Lowell and Worcester after two days now. I think that may change buy the end of the day with a smaller storm moving into several of the cities in the snow contest as I type.

Syracuse is taking advantage the most so far as the Massachusetts cities take a little break from the snow. Syracuse managed to move into the Top 5 snowiest cities again and they may not be done just yet. Buffalo, NY has also been able to melt away some of the snow lead that Both Worcester and Lowell had over them.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the two leaders can hold on to the top spot on the snow mountain by the time this recent storm passes by. I’m starting to think that we may have a new leader come the end of this weekend. I think the Biggest question is which city will it be?

The Golden Snow Globe contest is about as close as it can get for this time in the season with only 6 inches of snow separating the Top 5 cities which are Lowell, Worcester, Buffalo, Boston and Syracuse in that order. Erie is right in the think of things too and less than 10 inches away from the top. We all know how bad last seasons snow champions want it this season and I’m sure they will do their best to hold onto the title of snowiest Big city in the United States.

From what I have heard so far from the members in our Facebook group that it is snowing right now in Buffalo, Erie and Rochester. Don’t take too big of a break Mass, it may cost you having one of your cities in the Top 3 ;) Stay tuned for a later day update when the NWS puts out the next update.

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It was only a matter of time that the 2014-2015 Golden Snow Globe contest would start up and it has done just that. Anchorage, Alaska has started off the national snow contest this season picking up 0.8 inches of snowfall yesterday. Remember that this contest is for Bigger cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more.

I had a feeling a couple of days ago that the contest would be starting up right after the weekend and it did. To be honest though I thought it was going to be a city in the Northeast that would start it up because of how cold it was suppose to get last night, Sunday night. My guess a week or so ago was that Billings, Montana was going to be the first city to receive measurable snow and that didn’t pan out either. Now that the snow contest has started maybe the rest of us won’t get any snow until January.

OK, which city do you think will win the national snow contest for the 2014-2015 snow season? I have to go with you know the city ;) Syracuse, New York of course. I’m sure those of you from Erie, Pa, Billings, Buffalo and a few of the other cities may have a different opinion though ;)

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With March having come to a close, the 2014 Fantasy Snowfall contest has ended. We’ve waited about a week to make sure the stats are accurate: that any corrections that were needed between December and March have been accounted for now. First, here’s a look at the March monthly totals:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
41.1 45.2 38.4 34.5
Starters (Full Credit)
Denver 6.0 Ann Arbor 10.5 Green Bay 6.1 Akron 9.7
Lansing 10.4 Boston 2.2 Rochester(MN) 6.2 Billings 10.6
Milwaukee 6.3 Madison 8.2 Salt Lake City 0.5 Hartford 0.8
Sioux Fallsr 7.7 Pittsburgh 4.9 Spokane 5.8 Minneapolis 4.7
Total 30.4 Total 25.8 Total 18.6 Total 25.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Erie 17.6 Flint 9.4 Buffalo 24.5 Anchorage 10.9
Worcester 3.7 Rochester(NY) 29.3 Cleveland 15.1 Grand Rapids 6.4
Total 10.7 Total 19.4 Total 19.8 Total 8.7

All four competitors used Syracuse earlier in the season. That strategy worked this season, as Syracuse picked up 21.7 inches of snow in March, the city’s lowest total of the 4 months in play.

Mike takes March, but monthly totals for everyone were a bit low for everyone. While this is partly due to the big cities being on the bench, it’s largely a result of there just simply not being much snow in most of the Fantasy Snowfall cities. Only 2 cities reached the 20 inch mark, while 16 of the 24 failed to reach double digits.

Now a word about the final standings. Because of adjustments made through the season by the National Weather Service, the totals below will not match results from previously announced months. With that out of the way, here are the final totals for Fantasy Snowfall 2014:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014 Standings
Players December January February March Total
Brent 103.4 126.0 105.0 41.1 375.4
Mike 92.4 133.6 108.8 45.2 379.8
Pat 99.6 104.2 134.9 38.4 377.0
Steve 110.2 107.7 152.0 34.5 404.4

Steve wins this year’s contest! It was a tight race for the rest, as the difference between second and last was 4.4 inches. Mike winning March propelled him to second place overall, with Pat finishing 3rd and Brent in 4th.

We’d like to thank all four players for their participation, and everyone for following along, this season. We’re excited to bring another edition of Fantasy Snowfall next season…but we’ll gladly take the next 6 months to relax before then. ;)

While Fantasy Snowfall has ended, the main snow race continues! Stay tuned to find out which city is this year’s national champion. Can Erie hold on? Will Syracuse overtake them? Is there another that will pass them both? Should be a very interesting conclusion in the next month to month and a half!

With February over, it’s time to take a look at snow totals for the little snow month that could. Some cities show some impressive numbers for the month, especially considering there are 3 less days in February than any of the other Fantasy Snowfall months. So, who took February? The table below shows the totals for all 25 cities in this season’s contest.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
106.0 108.8 134.6 151.8
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 28.9 Ann Arbor 23.7 Buffalo 23.3 Akron 17.0
Milwaukee 15.9 Boston 22.9 Cleveland 23.8 Anchorage 9.9
Sioux Falls 9.0 Flint 21.8 Rochester(MN) 18.6 Grand Rapids 29.0
Worcester 41.5 Rochester(NY) 26.3 Spokane 17.9 Hartford 27.1
Syracuse 41.1 Syracuse 41.1
Total 95.3 Total 94.7 Total 124.7 Total 124.1
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 3.3 Madison 12.0 Green Bay 17.7 Billings 37.0
Lansing 18.0 Pittsburgh 16.1 Salt Lake City 2.1 Minneapolis 18.4
Total 10.7 Total 14.1 Total 9.9 Total 27.7

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike used that option in January, while Pat and Steve have used it now.

Just like with January, those who started Syracuse this month finished ahead of those who didn’t. Syracuse had more snow this month than any other thus far, so it would appear Pat and Steve made the right call this season. However, Syracuse didn’t have the most snow for the month as that distinction goes to Worcester. In all, 12 of the 25 cities listed had at least 20 inches of snow for February, not bad for the shortest month!

With 3 months down, and one to go, here’s an updated look at the overall standings:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014 Standings
Players December January February March Total
Brent 103.0 125.2 106.0 0.0 334.1
Mike 92.2 129.7 108.8 0.0 330.6
Pat 98.8 104.2 134.6 0.0 337.6
Steve 110.2 107.7 151.8 0.0 369.7

With a little help from the biggest monthly total so far, 151.8, Steve has regained the lead, this time ahead of second place by over 30 inches. Everyone else is in close, only 7 inches separates second from last. And if you think this contest is over, remember what happened last season, as a big lead fell in the final month. That could easily happen again this time.

Finally, here’s a look at each participant’s starters for March:

March 2014 Starters
Brent Mike Pat Steve
Denver, CO Ann Arbor, MI Green Bay, WI Akron, OH
Lansing, MI Boston, MA Rochester, MN Billings, MT
Milwaukee, WI Madison, WI Salt Lake City, UT Hartford, CT
Souix Falls, SD Pittsburgh, PA Spokane, WA Minneapolis, MN

In this season’s contest, every city must start and be benched for at least one month. With this lineup, every city has now met that requirement.

The next update will happen around the 11th. Will Steve take the crown, or will there be a late surge by Brent, Mike or Pat? Stay tuned!

February is still acting as the little snow month that could. A couple of the Fantasy Snowfall cities have already broken the 30 inch mark, and several more have totals in the 20s. How does that add up for the participants’ totals? The table below has that answer, with monthly totals through 2/18.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
92.1 97.6 91.4 110.0
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 23.4 Ann Arbor 20.0 Buffalo 16.6 Akron 15.1
Milwaukee 14.2 Boston 22.5 Cleveland 18.8 Anchorage 4.9
Sioux Falls 6.9 Flint 20.2 Rochester(MN) 8.4 Grand Rapids 22.3
Worcester 38.2 Rochester(NY) 21.8 Spokane 8.4 Hartford 26.6
Syracuse 31.4 Syracuse 31.4
Total 82.7 Total 84.5 Total 83.6 Total 100.3
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 2.5 Madison 11.0 Green Bay 13.7 Billings 11.9
Lansing 16.3 Pittsburgh 15.2 Salt Lake City 1.9 Minneapolis 7.4
Total 9.4 Total 13.1 Total 7.8 Total 9.7

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike used that option in January, while Pat and Steve have used it now.

Pat and Steve’s gamble to start Syracuse in the shortest month has paid off. Both have 31.4 as a bonus so far, topping the full month totals of December and January. Despite that, Pat is currently last for February, and he is the only one to not have a “regular” city with 20+ inches of snow this month. Brent has the big number in Worcester, while Mike has every starter over 20 inches.

On March 1st, we’ll reveal who took February, give an update on the overall standings, and show the starters for March…the last month of this season’s Fantasy Snowfall contest! Stay tuned!

Of course, February is the shortest month. However, if the first nine days are any indication, it might pack the biggest punch of the contest. The table below shows the month’s snowfall totals, through 2/9.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
45.7 59.2 45.0 53.0
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 15.8 Ann Arbor 13.2 Buffalo 13.5 Akron 8.5
Milwaukee 5.4 Boston 12.6 Cleveland 11.6 Anchorage 0.4
Sioux Falls 2.0 Flint 12.5 Rochester(MN) 0.9 Grand Rapids 13.3
Worcester 15.6 Rochester(NY) 15.0 Spokane 5.4 Hartford 13.2
Syracuse 12.4 Syracuse 12.4
Total 38.8 Total 53.3 Total 43.8 Total 47.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 2.4 Madison 4.4 Green Bay 0.4 Billings 10.4
Lansing 11.3 Pittsburgh 7.3 Salt Lake City 1.9 Minneapolis 0.0
Total 6.9 Total 5.9 Total 1.2 Total 5.2

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike used that option in January, while Pat and Steve have used it now.

The two that started Syracuse in January were tops in the month. So the same thing would hold true for February, right? Not so much. Mike is building on his January victory, while Pat and Steve’s use of February is only proving to keep them in the race for the first part of the month.

The next Fantasy Snowfall update will likely be around the 20th, depending of course on how much snow the cities get. Stay tuned!

We’re at halftime of this season’s Fantasy Snowfall contest, and the race is heating up! Or…is it cooling down? Just what *IS* the correct phrase for a close snow competition? Anyway, with January now in the books, it’s time to take a look at how the four competitors fared for the last month. The table below shows snowfall totals for each of the cities chosen for the Fantasy Snowfall contest.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
125.2 129.7 104.2 107.7
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 28.1 Boston 21.8 Buffalo 42.4 Akron 19.1
Lansing 22.7 Madison 8.5 Cleveland 23.7 Grand Rapids 41.9
Milwaukee 19.6 Pittsburgh 17.9 Green Bay 17.0 Hartford 10.3
Worcester 20.0 Rochester(NY) 20.8 Salt Lake City 10.1 Minneapolis 22.7
Syracuse 25.3 Syracuse 25.3
Total 115.7 Total 94.3 Total 93.2 Total 94.0
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 14.3 Ann Arbor 37.8 Rochester(MN) 14.8 Anchorage 9.2
Sioux Falls 4.7 Flint 32.9 Spokane 7.1 Billings 18.2
Total 9.5 Total 35.4 Total 11.0 Total 13.7

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike have used that option for January, while Pat and Steve have it for either February or March.

As expected, Brent and Mike, who picked Syracuse for the month, were both ahead of the two that didn’t. But, Pat and Steve were able to get good totals out of Buffalo and Grand Rapids to somewhat make up for that. Here’s a look at the season totals after two months.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014 Standings
Players December January February March Total
Brent 103.0 125.2 0.0 0.0 228.2
Mike 92.2 129.7 0.0 0.0 221.8
Pat 98.8 104.2 0.0 0.0 203.0
Steve 110.2 107.7 0.0 0.0 217.9

Brent, who has finished second in both months, currently has the lead. Mike has made a nice turn around, going from last to second place. As an interesting note, had Pat used Syracuse for January, he’d currently have the overall lead by 0.1! Obviously, it’s still anyone’s contest, especially since some big snow-getters will have to be on the bench soon.

Here’s a look at the starters for February:

February 2014 Starters
Brent Mike Pat Steve
Erie, PA Ann Arbor, MI Buffalo, NY Akron, OH
Milwaukee, WI Boston, MA Cleveland, OH Anchorage, AK
Sioux Falls, SD Flint, MI Rochester, MN Grand Rapids, MI
Worcester, MA Rochester, NY Spokane, WA Hartford, CT
Syracuse, NY Syracuse, NY

Each city must start, and be benched, in at least month. To meet this requirement, Brent must bench Erie and Worcester, Mike must bench Rochester, Pat must bench Bufalo and Cleveland, and Steve must bench Grand Rapids in March. This means Brent and Pat’s starters are locked in for March, while Mike and Steve have their options for 4 out of 5 cities.

Depending on how much snow the cities get, the next Fantasy Snowfall update will be around the 10th. Stay tuned!

We are now just over 2 thirds of the way through January, and after the big snow event along the coast, it’s time for another Fantasy Snowfall update. The table below shows the month’s snowfall totals, through 1/22.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
93.9 100.3 71.2 61.6
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 21.2 Boston 21.7 Buffalo 30.3 Akron 9.6
Lansing 17.5 Madison 7.1 Cleveland 14.6 Grand Rapids 20.9
Milwaukee 13.5 Pittsburgh 10.3 Green Bay 12.1 Hartford 9.8
Worcester 18.9 Rochester(NY) 16.7 Salt Lake City 8.3 Minneapolis 11.6
Syracuse 17.7 Syracuse 17.7
Total 88.8 Total 73.5 Total 65.3 Total 51.9
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 6.4 Ann Arbor 27.1 Rochester(MN) 9.0 Anchorage 9.2
Sioux Falls 3.7 Flint 26.4 Spokane 2.8 Billings 10.1
Total 5.1 Total 26.8 Total 5.9 Total 9.7

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike have used that option for January, while Pat and Steve have it for either February or March.

Continuing the theme from the last update, the December winner is trailing big this month, while the fourth place finish in December is still in the lead in January. Mike’s big snow-getters are on the bench, but it’s still enough for now. Buffalo is this month’s top snow city for the month, but Lake Erie is freezing up a lot. How will that impact the rest of the way?

On February 1st, we’ll find out who January’s big winner is, how the overall standings have changed, and who the starters are for February. Stay tuned!

It has been an interesting start to January in the national snow contest. How does that translate to the Fantasy Snowfall contest? The table below shows the month’s snowfall totals, through 1/11.

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
62.2 65.3 45.9 38.4
Starters (Full Credit)
Erie 15.1 Boston 15.3 Buffalo 25.1 Akron 7.6
Lansing 15.5 Madison 0.3 Cleveland 10.9 Grand Rapids 16.1
Milwaukee 7.4 Pittsburgh 6.3 Green Bay 0.0 Hartford 8.6
Worcester 10.8 Rochester(NY) 12.7 Salt Lake City 8.1 Minneapolis 0.3
Syracuse 10.1 Syracuse 10.1
Total 58.9 Total 44.7 Total 44.1 Total 32.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Denver 6.0 Ann Arbor 20.8 Rochester(MN) 1.1 Anchorage 1.9
Sioux Falls 0.6 Flint 20.4 Spokane 2.5 Billings 9.3
Total 3.3 Total 20.6 Total 1.8 Total 5.6

In this season’s contest, all four competitors are given the option to start Syracuse for one month as a bonus 5th starter. Brent and Mike have used that option for January, while Pat and Steve have it for either February or March.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Steve won December, but is trailing in January. On the flip side, Mike was fourth in December, and has a slim lead for first this month. His totals would have been even bigger, but his two heaviest snow cities are on the bench. With just over a third of the month in the books, it looks like we’ll be in for an interesting race, both here and in the national contest.

The next Fantasy Snowfall update will likely be on the 22nd or 23rd, depending of course on how much snow the cities get. Stay tuned!