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Lowell, Ma, Winner of The National Golden Snow Globe Contest

Congratulations to Lowell, Massachusetts and to the fine folks in Lowell on being the snowiest Big city in the united states for the 2014-2015 snow season. This has by far been the closest snow contest since it began several seasons back. Less than an inch separates the top 3 cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest.

It was looking like the contest was going to end up in a tie between Worcester, Ma and Syracuse, NY for awhile but Lowell managed to pull it off beating both Syracuse and Worcester by only 0.9 of an inch. Syracuse and Worcester both ended the snow season with 119.7 inches of snowfall.

Lowell, Ma deserves the bragging rights after setting their all-time seasonal snow record of 111.5 inches that dated back to the 1947-1948 season according to the National Weather Service website. Unless it snow tonight ;) Lowell has set their all time seasonal record with 120.6 inches this season, 2014-2015. Way to go Lowell!

I was going to drag out the contest a little longer but figured Nah. OK, today is the last day of the 2014-2015 snow season believe it or not. Really!!! The new 2015-2016 snow season starts tomorrow, July 1st :P I have never waited this long to call the National snow contest but being the Sissyman that I am I was a little worried with it being sooo close and that perhaps some corrections would be made by the National Weather Service that I decided to hold off. I did call both National Weather Service office’s that handle Lowell, Worcester and Syracuse to make sure it was safe and both said to call it and both said it was.

I will do a more detailed summary when I have a little more time in the next few days. Once again Congrats to all of you in Lowell, Ma. It’s been a really fun season as always :)

Have a Great Summer All!

Syracuse is slowly sneaking up towards the leaders a few tenths of an in at a time. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Buffalo and Erie, Pa may want to start getting prepared and start making some snowballs for when Syracuse makes a run for the top of the snow mountain ;)

This last update I changed the snow stats that you see on the far right to give us an idea of how we all are doing compared to last season. Normally I have what the average snowfall totals should be to date. I changed it over to how much snow each of the cities had at this time last season. No doubt Erie, Pennsylvania, last seasons snow champs stands out the most. This time last season Erie had just over 4 feet of snowfall already. It’s probably a good thing that a decent lake effect snow event earlier in the season missed them or they would probably be close to that again right now.

Right now we have 4 cities in the snowiest big city contest that are within less 4 inches of each other. Grand Rapids is still the King and has been for most of the season so far but they have been pretty quiet the last several days. Syracuse is just a little more than an inch away from pushing Erie down the snow mountain a slot. Of course one decent lake effect event in any of these cities could give them a decent lead.

I just did a top 25 update and there is a major change once again in the top 10. Who is in the lead, who dropped, who moved up??? All good questions ;) Erie Pa was able to hold on to the lead by less than 1 inch of snow. It was Syracuse once again sliding down the snow mountain and Salt Lake City taking over the number 2 spot.

With the race being this close I’m going to try to get at least a top 10 update in about every day or so. Remember it takes about 3 hours for the full update which I don’t have everyday. This update I did go down 25 spots so we’ll call it a top 25 update. Keep in mind though that because I didn’t update any of the cities snow stats after number 25 which is South Bend, that there may be some cities below the top 25 with higher totals. Does that make sense :( I am confident though about the top 10.

So congrats to Erie, pa on holding on to the top spot by about a snowflake or two :)

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Have a Great Night Everyone :)

First off there has been some crazy weather already this season so some help is needed. There are most likely a few cities that aren’t listed here that have gotten snow this season. If you live in a city with a population of 100,000 or more and have gotten some snow please let us know and most likely we will add you to the lineup. Thanks :)

Yeah I know, it’s about time huh. I’m starting a little bit later than normal but other than a few cities there hasn’t been a whole lot as far as snowfall goes going on. Of course I was just as curious as the rest of you to see how things are starting out so far for the 2012 – 2013 snow season. The snow stats have just been updated and the rankings for the cities are pretty interesting so far.

Anchorage, Alaska who kicked but last season is starting out pretty lame this season. I think this is the least amount of snow I have seen for Anchorage in the last couple of years of keeping the snow stats for the Golden Snowball Contest. Congrats to them once again though for a great snow 2011 – 2012 snow season. I’m a big fan of Gold Rush Alaska and it was pretty cool after keeping track of the snow in AK last season to watch the first episode of the show this year. Just to see all of the snow on the ground and the problems it was causing for all of the crews trying to get started digging and clearing the snow and ice off. If you get a chance it’s an awesome show IMO and worth checking out.

When you look at the snow stats you will see 2 numbers. The first is what place the city is in right now and the 2nd is how they placed last season. I know we are just beginning but I was surprised with a few of the cities that are in the top ten and just as surprised at a few that dropped way down from the top 10 snowiest cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah take the top 2 spots on the snow mountain moving up quite a few spots from how they ended last season. Bridgeport, Connecticut, Newark, NJ and New York City are also off to a great start. Other than those the North East has been pretty quiet so far including here in Syracuse. Rochester, NY, Grand Rapids, Michigan and South Bend Indiana are the slackers so far this season. No need to worry though about those cities because you know they will be moving up the snow mountain some time soon. It’s only just begun and let’s hope it’s an exciting snow contest right to the end :)

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!