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I just did a top 25 update and there is a major change once again in the top 10. Who is in the lead, who dropped, who moved up??? All good questions ;) Erie Pa was able to hold on to the lead by less than 1 inch of snow. It was Syracuse once again sliding down the snow mountain and Salt Lake City taking over the number 2 spot.

With the race being this close I’m going to try to get at least a top 10 update in about every day or so. Remember it takes about 3 hours for the full update which I don’t have everyday. This update I did go down 25 spots so we’ll call it a top 25 update. Keep in mind though that because I didn’t update any of the cities snow stats after number 25 which is South Bend, that there may be some cities below the top 25 with higher totals. Does that make sense :( I am confident though about the top 10.

So congrats to Erie, pa on holding on to the top spot by about a snowflake or two :)

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Have a Great Night Everyone :)