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Not a whole lot of changes this last update which included all of the cities. Most of the snowiest cities were pretty much snow-less since the last update but with the way this snow season has gone so far it’s still too early to crown a winner in my opinion.

A few of the Colorado cities are getting some snow but I think the city to keep an eye on right now is Anchorage. Once again this season they are over their normal snowfall totals and it seems every time I check their snow stats they have more snow to add. They are still in striking distance along with Erie, PA and Worcester, MA.

The warm air was suppose to show up in the Syracuse area this week but that never happened. I didn’t look to see if Erie has gotten into the warm air yet. To sum it up I think as long as the cold air is sticking around any of the top 4 cities can keep adding to their totals. I’ll be getting the updates in as I see the snow falling and Good Luck to the cities near the top ;)

Have a Great Week Everyone :)