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I was able to get a full update in today and there was a little bit of movement in the top 10 snowiest city lineup. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has once again fallen out of the top 10 being replaced by Salt Lake City, Utah who had some decent snow since the last update setting a date record. Salt Lake City picked up 6.9 inches of new snow yesterday breaking the date record of 5.2 inches which dates back to 1951. Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities Salt Lake City ;)

Erie continues to dominate this seasons snow contest and continues to hold the crown so far as the King of the Snow Mountain. Erie still has over a oot of snow lead in the contest. The question is, can they hold on to it until the end of the season? I think a better question would be when will Erie give up the top spot on the snow mountain ;) I believe it’s way too early for any of the snowiest big cities in the US to hold a lead right through the season but you never know.

Speaking of how early it is in the snow season winter hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s pretty impressive that some of the Golden Snow Globe cities have had the amount of snow they have had so far before Winter even begins which is tomorrow. Winter Solstice which has the shortest daylight of the year and longest darkness starts tomorrow afternoon, Saturday December 21st at 12:11 EST, eastern standard time. When the kids were little I use to always bring them to the window or take them outside to wave and say “Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter” :) Ok. I still do it every year when I happen to remember the time ;)

The good news is that we start gaining sunlight time from there on with the daylight getting longer and the darkness getting shorter :) A minute here and a minute there starts to add up after awhile and before you know it Spring will be right around the corner. Of course before that happens a lot of us will have to probably deal with a hundred inches or more of new snow.

This weeks movers were Boston and Worcester, Mass and Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Boston climbed up 24 spots on the snow mountain while Worcester and Bridgeport both climbed about 12 spots.  WTG!

With Christmas coming up fast it’s going to be hit and miss here at   I will be getting some top 10 updates in though during the holiday season and hopefully at least one or two full updates.  I like to see how all of the cities are doing just as much as you all do.

It took awhile this year for the Christmas spirit to kick in for me but it finally did yesterday which means I have a ton of catching up to do on all of my Christmas stuff :(   Only four days left for me to finish shopping, decorating and of course baking my Christmas cookies :)   Yes I bake!  I have been a bachelor for quite awhile off and on so I pretty much do it all now.  I do have great family though and my sisters and other relatives do take care of me with some nice cookie trays also for Christmas ;)

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!