5 comments on “Printer Ink Cartridges Business and Personal Bank Checks Cheap

  1. I ordered business checks through your link — hopefully you got referral credit for it, I also mentioned you in the comments of the order screen.
    Just a shoutout regarding the checks — they are high quality, professional, and they even let me put my company logo up in the address field at no extra charge. Just wanted to vouch for the product.

    • Matt, Thanks and I appreciate it. I’ll have to check and see if the credit went through to my acnt. Any chance you can send me the order number and company in case it didn’t go through. I DON’T want any of your personal info obviously. Just the order info. I have a feeling it didn’t track and it won’t be the first time :( You can send it if you wish to the thegoldensnowball@gmail.com and thanks again Matt for thinking of me ;)

    • Hey Matt, I am showing an order on 04/27 from Buschecks. I’m guessing that was you maybe? Thanks again and if anyone is interested or needs personal or business checks you really will save quite a bit getting them online. I always do and you can check out my site at http://www.personalbusinesschecks.com and Thanks for the support ;)

      • Excellent! That date matches up exactly, so your referral link is working. Order was #1398580364-455 just if you want to double check, but it sounds like you got credit :)

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