7 comments on “Things Could Get Interesting, Is It Snowing There

  1. The snow is just starting to stick just outside of the city of Syracuse. Just light snow right now. Syracuse won’t be gaining on Erie any at this rate..

  2. Started snowing in Erie about 7:30AM

    As of 10:20AM the grass is covered but paved surfaces are just wet – looks like about 1″ and it is still snowing but just barely detectable

    The temp is 32F and holding steady

  3. Moderate to heavy snow in Erie this AM. Expecting 2-4″ today. :-)

    I think it’s time to sing…

  4. Snowing in Erie, PA. Registered 0.1 prior to Midnight and we’ve had around 2 inches so far on cars. Luckily nothing seems to be sticking to the ground because of the warm temperatures recently, but the snow is continuing to fall.

  5. Snow is accumulating here in Erie. Very light right now, won’t see more than an inch or two if it doesn’t pick up.

  6. It’s snowing in Erie right now :) :( *happy about adding snow for the contest; beyond sick of snow*

  7. This could hurt Syracuse more than Erie. Syracuse is ahead of Buffalo in the New York snow contest by less than a couple of inches. There is a good chance they could lose both snow contests…

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