13 comments on “Congratulations Erie, Pa Snowiest Big City 2013 – 2014

  1. R you sure the snow is over? It is only May.. Lol!! It remember it snowing a couple times growing up there that we did have a snow shower a couple of times. I also think one Mother’s Day we had snow.. I couldn’t where my patent leather shoes to church…

    • No doubt I am a little nervous about calling it too early Roi. Let’s hope the snow is done for the season.

    • That’s a possibility Ron. Maybe spray paint it gold. I kind of want something that can be engraved with the city name, season they won and with how much snow they got. Thanks for the suggestion..

  2. What a competition! I couldn’t be trusted updating more than 50 cities! Great website!

  3. You guys should do a list of communities under 100,000 population as well! In Cassadaga, NY we had 234 inches!

  4. I think a suitable award for those of us in Erie would be 6 months of beautiful sunshine and low humidity days with all the rainfall we need to keep thing lush and green scheduled for night time hours.

    • Sounds good to me Matt and your wish is granted. Ummm, if it ever stops raining :(

  5. I think the prize should be snowblowers for all of us folks in Erie! I swear my backs broken from shoveling :P

    • Lol Jess, I saw your post on the Erie site. You may want to contact Oprah for that like the other woman mentioned and believe me I feel your pain with the back ;)

  6. Hey, give us our credit where credit is due!! It’s 138.4″ for Erie, not 134.8″!!! :-)

    • Lol, hey at least I had Erie winning it Dave and not Syracuse :) Good catch and Thanks. I think it was about 1:30 in the morning when I was writing and tweaking that. Congrats Dave and it was a fun season :)

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