4 comments on “Hello Spring, Hello Snow in Worcester

  1. Looks like Erie is soundly in the #2 spot again. :-) We’ve had several days of lake effect snow and although some parts of Erie County have received over 30″ (spotter reports), the official NWS reporting site is reporting right around 8″. Regardless, that’s enough to put us at 98.8″ for the season. As far as I can tell, Syracuse has missed most of the lake effect, although it seems that it is snowing there now. It will be interesting to see where we all end up at the end of today. :-)

    • Missed by just this much once again Dave ;) It’s about as close as it can get and we’ll see what the next update shows for the overnight snow. At least we closed the gap a little on Worcester!

  2. How about Springfield, Ma? They exceed 100K population. You can have the Springield competition between Spfld., Illinois and Missouri!

    • Hey Mike, it comes down to what I posted to Nick. NOAA doesn’t have an office for them and we use their stats as the official snow stats. I’ve looked and looked and finally called the Tauntan, MA office and NOAA doesn’t have stats for Springfield, Lowell and I think Cambridge was the other city I was looking for. Sorry!

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