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The national Golden Snow Globe contest for snowiest big cities is getting even more interesting now that some of the Northeast cities have come out to play. Sioux Falls, SD has been leading the snow contest for awhile now but some cold air has finally hit most of the North East.

For most of the 2015-2016 snow season, it’s been the cities in the Western United states and Mid US hanging near the top of the Golden Snow Globe mountain. The last several days the artci air has finally moved into the eastern have of the US bringing some decent snowfall to some of the cities that are normally camped out by now on top of the snow mountain.

Cities like Syracuse and Buffalo, NY, Erie, PA and Grand Rapids, MI have been camping at the bottom of the snow mountain up until the last few days. Most of those cities weren’t even in the top 30 just a couple of days ago. With the cold air moving in over the warmer than normal Great Lakes the Lake Effect Machines finally started to crank out some snow for the cities near the lakes.

The cities from MAssachuesettes seem to be staying out of the snowball fights so far this season though :( Last seasons snow champ Lowell, MA wasn’t even in the Top 50 as of the last update. Come on out and play Boston, Worcester and Lowell. You’ll have fun. Don’t count them out yet because I’m pretty sure that the snow storms that hit that neck of the woods last season didn’t start for at least another week or so. Plenty of time for them to play catch-up :)

No doubt this is going to be a fun snow contest now that most of the cities have come out to play in the snow. It will be interesting to see if the cities to the northeast can play catch up now. I’m pretty sure they are going to keep getting the snow for awhile but chances are so are the cities at the top.

It’s been a little quiet snow-wise in Sioux Falls the last week or so but Anchorage, Alaska just started adding new snow totals again, the Colorado cities seem to be adding a little every now and then and go figure, even some of the cities in Texas keep adding a little snowfall to their snow totals..

Lake Michigan has been cranking out some decent snowfall for the cities that rely on lake effect from that lake which I am guessing is still warmer than it normally is this time along with the other Great Lakes so stay tuned for a fun snow filled 2-3 months ahead.

Have a Great Day Everyone and as always, See Snow – Drive Slow ;)

I just updated the top 10 snowiest cities section and it hasn’t gotten any better for Syracuse or Erie. Worcester continues to hold a decent lead with their seasonal snowfall totals now at 108.9 inches. They added over another inch to their lead. Way to go Worcester ;) I’m starting to see quite a few visitors lately from Mass visiting the site and a warm welcome to all of you. OK warm welcome doesn’t quite sound right does it.

It hit me as I was scraping the ice off my call this morning that today marks the first day of Spring. I’m not quite sure where it is Spring but it sure doesn’t seem like it in the North East does it? Keep in mind that the national snow contest lives on well past the first day of Spring for the fact that Mother Nature tends to get a little confused some years and drags the snow on into April. I believe a couple of times even into May.

Right now it’s looking pretty good for Worcester buttttt…. Keep in mind that most likely the Lake Effect Machines are most likely still running for Syracuse and Erie. That said in my opinion it will be tough to make up over a foot of snow in the next few weeks plus the way it’s going the chances are that if we do gain on Worcester they will just throw in another coastal to blow us away again. Good Luck and Have a Great Week :)