4 comments on “Worcester is Snow Blowing Away the Competition

  1. Just checked out the NWS reports for today (3/16). With 5.4″ of snow over the last two days, we folks in Erie have you folks in Syracuse beat by 0.2″!!!!! So, for now, we are back at #2. Can it be any closer?!?!

    • Hey Dave, I just did an update and I’m waiting for the late afternoon update to come out. It’s going to be close between us, Syracuse and Erie. We got a little snow overnight that may keep us in second. Did Erie get any snow over night? Either way we need to concentrate on catching up to Worcester and close in on that big lead they have this late in the season ;)

      • All of our precip today was freezing rain. No snow. :( looks like you guys had mostly snow today, and as of the 1019pm update, your total is 1.1″ for the day. You’re at 91.0″ for the season and we in Erie are at 89.9″. Crazy close!! Looks like we have the opportunity to get some decent lake effect here over the next few days. Looks like a mostly westerly flow, so Erie may end up the winner over Syracuse for this LES event. However, it is late march now and it’s hard to predict lake effect this late in the season. It’ll be plenty cold enough though!! Also, looks like Worcester is going to pull even further ahead now. They have a winter storm warning out for 8-12″. Not sure how we will beat them after this one. Looks dimmer by the day!!

      • Dave, last night here in the Syracuse area it was a mix but most of it was snow. The wet heavy stuff that makes you not want to shovel. Right now Erie is at 91.0 as of 5:00 PM Tuesday and Syracuse is at 96.5 as of 10 PM Tuesday night.

        I was hoping that Worcester was going to see more of rain but that didn’t happen and you’re right they picked up on us. As of 5 PM Tuesday they are at 107.5. I’m still seeing a cold air in the forecast and like you mentioned I think our only chance now is to get some decent LES going ;)

        I’m going to get at least a top 10 update in tomorrow and hopefully a full update in.

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