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I’m going to keep this short as I bow my head in shame right now. I just did an update and Worcester, Ma is blowing away both Syracuse and Erie, PA now by more than 14 inches. No, they didn’t want to play the teasing game and go up by maybe a few inches. Nope, they said we are going straight to the top to be the King of the Snow Mountain and if you want to take it back you better start piling it on in your own cities.

To that I say bring it on, I think :( The problem is that I don’t know if they still have more snow to add to their totals. I just did a top 10 update and as of 4:00 PM which was the last official update from NOAA Worcester stands tall on the snow mountain with 101.0 inches of snow this season. Almost doubling what their average is to date. They also broke a record for the day which goes all the way back to 1941. The same is with Boston, MA which has been piling it on also and moving up the mountain pretty fast. Right now they are sitting in 11th place but will most likely move up some more. Awesome storm and I’m pretty jealous the rest of us couldn’t get in on it. Congrats again Worcester :)