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Both Syracuse, NY and Erie, PA were able to pick up some snow the last couple of days to melt away a little bit of the lead Worcester, MA has. Syracuse and Erie both finally past the 100 inches of snow totals cutting the snow lead down to just over 8 inches now. Worcester did have over a foot of snowfall more before this last update. Keep in mind that there is probably more snow to add from the overnight to Syracuse and maybe Erie also. I’m loving the fact that this is still a really close snow contest this late in the season and that cold air is still in the forecast :)

Let’s talk hoops for a minute. Massachusetts must have something against me. First ya’s take the lead over Syracuse in the snow race and then one of your teams goes and knocks one of my final picks out of the NCAA Tournament. Cut me a little slack would ya Mass? Yes I’m talking about the good/great win Harvard had over New Mexico. Nothing like shredding one of your brackets on the first day of the tourney :( To be honest it’s pretty much my bad for picking New Mexico to go all the way when I haven’t even seen them play this season. No doubt my new formula that I used on that bracket is getting tossed. At least I had Georgetown on the same bracket playing New Mexico and not on my other bracket which is now my good one if you want to call it that.

That said I had Arizona losing this round so Harvard can’t hurt me on this round. I always cheer for the underdog when I can so even though you trashed on of my brackets, Go Harvard, I’m cheering for ya’s ;)   Good Luck on your brackets everyone!

OK, We did a full update of all of the cities and I’m thinking about cutting that list down quite a bit come the next update. Most likely to around 25 – 30 cities and then I’ll be able to get more full updates in. Keep in mind that right now it takes about 3 hours to get the stats together and post them all. I’ll see how it goes and look for more top 10 updates as the snow falls.

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone and Let’s Go Orange. Syracuse Orange that is ;)