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Worcester continues to defend their top spot as the King of the mountain but can they stay there? Syracuse and Erie are still running flake to flake and it seems every time Syracuse tries to spread a little snow between them Erie just blows them off and closes the snow gap even tighter.

Right now Worcester’s snow lead is only 5.5 inches over Syracuse and just 5.7 inches over Erie, PA. The last couple of days here in the Syracuse area have been pretty sunny unfortunately or fortunately depending on how much you like or hate snow. Erie on the other hand has been able to pick up a few inches of fresh snow. Luckily for both cities Worcester is quiet as far as snow goes for the time being.

I’m not throwing in the shovel just yet but if I were a betting man I think I would lay the odds right now at:

Erie, PA 2 to 1
Worcester, MA 3 to 1
Syracuse, NY 3 to 1

Just a hunch. Have a Super Week Everyone ;)