6 comments on “Erie and Syracuse Battling for Second Snowiest City

  1. I can’t believe people LOVE this white stuff. Ugh, I HATE it. Can you imagine what Easter will be like? I’ll have to hide our 5 grandkids Easter eggs in a snowbank!! :)
    Have a Happy and Blessed Easter

    • Hi Lin, from what I am reading and what the Farmers Almanac is calling for it could be an interesting Easter Egg hunt for the little ones ;) Are you from Erie or Syracuse? A Happy Blessed Easter to you and your family also :)

  2. Everyone is complaining about the snow here in Erie, but I love i! I wanted that second place finish.

    • RJ, why settle for second? Erie still has a realistic chance at taking the top spot still IMO :)

    • Thanks RJ, much appreciated and make the time put into the site worth it when a compliment is thrown out there every now and then ;)

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