3 comments on “This Eastern/North East Snowstorm Could Make Things Exciting

  1. I just checked the current Great Lakes ice cover. Erie is almost frozen, while Ontario is wide open. What does this mean? Erie and Buffalo will lose their snow maker and rely on synoptic storms from now until Spring. This leaves the Cuse with a big advantage.
    Unrelated, looking at smaller locations which get epic snow, Redfield NY(on the Tug hill Plateau) is outsnowing Valdez AL. (Redfield at 249 inches, and Valdez at 179.5 inches). The Sierras and Cascades(South of Mt. Baker)are in a snow drought….

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for the great information and sharing it. I knew that Erie was just about frozen over and like every season have been counting on it ;) It will be interesting to see what cities can tap into the storms that we have left other than the LES events.

      That’s impressive that Redfield is beating out Valdez which supposedly on average receives over 320 inches. I have nothing but respect for the people who live in the places like Redfield, Hooker, and all of the other places that get that much snow each season. Personally as much as I love the snow I’m not sure if I could handle that much every season :( Is there a link where they have more of the snow stats for the smaller cities and towns? I also respect the spotters who put the time into measuring year round in those places. Thanks again Michael!

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