4 comments on “Grand Rapids, Michigan Snows Past Erie

  1. Buffalo has something like 65 inches of snow right now? I’m an hour from Grand Rapids and I don’t see THAT much snow. Buffalo is absolutely buried from what I hear.

    • John, 65 inches in this short of a period is pretty much unheard of even for the smaller towns in the snow belt areas that get hundreds of inches each season. It’s mostly hitting the towns to the south and east of Buffalo and right now it’s a pretty serious situation there. They are getting pounded again right now as I type. I think there is going to be a lot of problems if there is a fast warm up making the snow on the roofs a lot heavier than it already is. I was just looking at the Grand Rapids radr and it looks like they are picking up some more snowfall today???

  2. Last I saw for Buffalo was 3.2 at the airport, which is nowhere near the 48 inches in Alden, NY, or even Lancaster’s 46. If this holds true, Erie’s reign can continue.

    • I am looking at stats right now and I was surprised to see Buffalo’s new totals :( Pretty lame but like you mentioned all around them got pounded pretty good and I think it’s suppose to continue. All about those lake effect snow bands either hitting or just missing. I know I am going to get some not so nice comments from some folks in Buffalo about where the airport is located either on this site or the NY snow contest site. Still could be a couple of cities that may challenge Erie though. The new stats should be posted by the national weather service anytime now…

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