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Do any of you have a guesstimate as to which of the snowiest cities in the US will start off the Golden Snow Globe national snow contest for the 2014 – 2015 snow season? Personally I think it’s going to be a toss up between Anchorage, Alaska, Most of the Colorado cities and Billings, Montana. I’m going to go with Billings, Montana to get the first measurable snow of the season. Keep in mind though that there has been some snow falling in Alaska, just not in Anchorage as of this last update. Leave a comment in this post with your pick if you have some time ;)

Yeah, I know it’s way too early to even think about snow especially when the weather has been really awesome the last couple of weeks. At least on most of the east coast anyways. I normally don’t even look at the snow stats this early in the season but as I mentioned on the New York Golden Snowball website I had a major computer crash on my other computer so I kind of need to give this antique computer I am using a couple of test rides to get all of the bugs out when updating the website. It’s slower than it will seem like this coming winter will seem like but so far at least it’s working.

I’m also looking for a couple of advertisers or sponsors for the website this season. If you work at a company or know of one that may be interested please have them get in contact with me for some details about the cost and site stats. I’m thinking this year, not season may hit 1,000,000 page views or at least come close to that. Our little snow site has grown each year that it’s been around which I am loving because I am getting to meet a lot of you that are from all over the country. Just click on the contact page above to get in touch with me.

I’m looking forward to the new season (That is sooo untrue) and I am sure it will be as much fun as last season was. Thanks to all of you who posted comments, sent emails and made donations to the site last season. It was an awesome group and I hope to see everyone posting again this season. Enough said and to those of you in Erie, Pa, Not Happening this season. You’re going down ;)

Enjoy the rest of what we have of the nice weather everyone. See ya all soon, ummmm, unfortunately :P

I was just reading around and came across an article about a new snow storm brewing in the Rockies which may bring a lot of us some snowy weather. According to the article the Rockies and the Northwest US could be getting up to a foot of new snow the beginning of this weekend starting on Friday and going through the weekend.

The good news is, that is if you’re a snow lover of course, is that the cold artic air is suppose to move to the east and go as far as the Northeast so a lot of the Golden Snow Globe cities could also be seeing some snow come next week. Gonna be a long cold snowy 2013 – 2014 season it looks like ;)

From MSN – The new push of arctic air aimed at the United States will first hit a little farther west this time when compared to the last cold blast. However, the arctic air will still have eyes for the Plains, Midwest, Northeast and South next week.

Click Here for more on the snow storm according to Accu Weather at MSN

The cold air has finally hit quite a few of the states now but it’s still the Colorado cities taking control of the national snow contest. Remember, only cities with a population of 100,000 or more are on the list.

Fort Collins, Colorado jumped ahead of Lakewood to take the top spot in the snowiest city in the US but only by a couple of snowflakes. Being the beginning of the snow season that’s about all that any of the cities are showing right now is just a few flakes here and there. A few things did stand out this last update though. Erie, Pa is now on the snowboard, Anchorage, Alaska still doesn’t have any measurable snow and a lot more cities are showing at least a trace of snow compared to the last update.

Anchorage normally would be leading right about now averaging 9.6 inches for this time in the season. Right now they are only showing a trace and aren’t even in the top 10. Remember they have been the only city since we started keeping stats to dethrone Syracuse, NY as the snowiest US city. I’m still in the process of moving but what will be cool is when I get hooked up and start watching one of my favorite shows, Gold Rush Alaska, I/We already know that they are going to have a lot better start this season and shouldn’t have to move a ton of snow before they start digging for gold ;)

Then there is that pesty Erie, Pa and I say that affectionately toward those of you from Erie :) Erie made the snow contest fun last season and were one of a couple of cities who came just inches away from taking the glory and bragging rights away from Syracuse, NY, My hometown just in case you didn’t know. Well Erie is on the snowboard now with a few tenths of an inch of snow and as always they are one of the cities that always worry me along with Worcester, Anchorage and a couple others. They should make it fun again for the new 2013 – 2014 snow season.

Another thing that caught my attention was that as of the last update we only had 12 cities showing any measurable snow or at least a trace of snow. This update we have 36 cities with at least a trace or more. I think we may be seeing a lot of lead changes this season and as always the bragging rights to snowiest big city in the US are up for grabs.

Just a heads up that we are going to be dropping a few cities out of the lineup in the next several days. It’s obvious that some of the cities don’t have a chance and we would like to get it down to around 40 – 50 cities. If you want to defend why your city should be listed here then now s the time. I’ve left a few in just because it was interesting to see that cities like Albuquerque, NM do get some snow each season but it’s getting a little too time consuming each update. I think the first 2 cities we need to drop is Worcester, Mass and Erie :) Joking of course! That said if you know of a city that isn’t listed but gets some decent snow and they are not on here then feel free to let us know. Keep in mind the population needs to be at least 100,000 as of the last census.

OK, enough for now and you all Have a Super Night and as always, “See Snow – Drive Slow” unless on a sled of course ;)

I just finished the first 2013 – 2014 full update for the snowiest big city in the United States, population of 100,000 or more and it’s all Colorado. This kind of surprises me because normally Anchorage, Alaska has something to report by now and all they are showing is a trace of snow. Not a single flake has fallen yet here in the Syracuse, New York area and it’s the same for some of the other cities that were on the top last season.

Yup, it’s still a little early for most of us but the cold air is starting to move in and I’m guessing come the next update there will be several more cities showing some measurable snow. Right now we have only 4 cities reporting measurable snow and they are all from Colorado. Lakewood, Co is the King of the snow mountain right now with 3 inches of snow hitting the ground so far this season, followed up by Fort Collins, Denver and Pueblo, Colorado. If you remember, last season we had to drag on because the cities in Colorado had some decent snow late in the season.

If I remember right and trust me I normally don’t, the Colorado cities started off really slow and made a big push at the end of the season. Syracuse got luck last season with some late snow of their own to overtake snowy Erie, Pa and Worcester, Mass right near the end of the season. Is there a city that will dethrone Syracuse this season? After the 2012 – 2013 season I have to say yes but the question is which city will be the snowiest city in the U.S.A. for the 2013 – 2014 snow season? Do you have any favorites????

Have an Awesome Day All ;)

I just finished a full update of all the US cities and an update on the top 10 snowiest cities in the US – Pop over 100,00 and the 2011 – 2012 snow season is starting to come together.  Well, kind of.  Last years champ Syracuse is still down toward the bottom along with several other cities that were near the top last season.

Cities from Michigan have slid toward the top since the last update.  Lansing, Michigan received enough snow to just all the way from 35 th place to the top 10 while Flint and Ann Arbor are within striking distance now of joining the top 10 snowiest cities.

New to the top ten ar Minneapolis, Minnesota, St Paul and Lansing Michigan.  Three cities dropped out of the top 10 which are Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, WA and Newark, NJ.  The Colorado cities are still piling on some snowfall stats and and own 3 of the top four spots ont the snow mountain.  I think all 3 of them have more than they had all of last season already :)   Anchorage is also still adding to their totals and are getting just enough snow to be King of the Snow Mountain in the Golden Snow Globe contest.

This just being the beginning of the snow season keeps me thinking this is going to be a close snow race this season with no big blowouts like in the 2010 – 2011 season.

Hey, Have a GREAT week all and let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

Colorado seems to be dominating the top 15 snowiest cities so far this season. It’s been snowing in Washington, Minnesota and Utah so they are all on the move now. Last years snow champ is finally on the snow mountain but barely :(

I think there is like 5 Colorado cities in the top 15 right now. The are Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Lakewood and Ft Collins which is in 2nd place on the snow mountain looking up at only Anchorage, Alaska. Keep in mind that last season most of the Colorado cities came in toward the bottom of the snowiest city list. With them off to a good start it’s another reason why I think this should be a close snow race this season.

A few of the other cities on the move right now are Minneapolis, Minnesota, Salt Lake City Utah and Spokane, Washington. Looking at their average snowfall for this time in the season, they should all be pretty good throwing the snowballs and beating the rest of us down the snow mountain. So far we have 36 cities with measurable snowfall for the 2011 – 2012 season and come December it should get really interesting.

Not much going on in snow champion city right now. As a matter of fact all of the Big 3 from New York are slacking. Syracuse managed to pick up just over half an inch of snow while Rochester shows 0.3 so far. Buffalo has still yet to get on the board but don’t worry about them, they always start off with something special it seems.

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Hey Have a SUPER GREAT Week All!

I was watching the weather channel and saw that Alaska was getting hit by a pretty good storm. They mentioned winds of 100 MPH and snow. I was also hearing that Colorado and a couple other states were getting some snow so figured lets do a snowfall total update. It was worth doing :)

Anchorage, Alaska jumped into 1st place and are currently the king of the snow mountain for snowiest city in the US with a population of 100,000 or more. To be honest with you when I started this contest a couple of years ago I was thinking Anchorage would be the snowiest city but it hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t. I still think Erie, pa is a city for all of us to watch out for along with some of the cities in Colorado and New York. Of course with the weather patterns always changing who knows, we may be surprised by a city from the south coastal area ;)

A little bit of shuffleing in the top 10 but not a whole lot. At least 30 of the cities have at least measuable snow now of at least 0.1. The snow champ for the last 2 years and a couple of the other snow cities that are normaly on top still are only showing just a trace. I think this is the season we have a new king of the snow mountain and it should be interesting to see which one it is at the end of the snow season.

I noticed that some traffic was coming to the site from a school. I checked it out and it’s an assignment for the children & one question is to find out which of the cities we have listed here has the the most snow. I started thinking I better contact the teacher because it looks like the assignment has a date range between Nov. 7th – 18th. If that’s the case the students that got an early start will have one answer an the students that got a late start, students like I was will have another answer :) Anyways, there isn’t a school name so there really isn’t a way to contact them. Good Luck to the students though :( I’m sure the teacher will know that 2 different cities led so both would be right.

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Have a Super Snowy Week All!!!

Is it me or is it wayyyy too early for the national snow contest to begin? Well it has and we have several unlikely cities in the top 10 so far. A couple of them with a good jump start on the 2011 – 2012 snow contest. A few that may be tough to catch in the race to the top of the snow mountain.

If you’re a UCONN fan then you should be happy that a city from your state is in the lead.  The bad thing is with the snow this early, it’s normally the heavy stuff which it is and there are lots of power outages.  Hopefully power is restored ASAP to all of those without.

The Colorado cities were a let down to say the least in last years Golden Snow Globe contest but the chance are they probably started the contest off first this season :) It looks like they are gonna be in the contest this season already having almost half the snowfall they received for the entire last snow season.

I’m guessing this is going to be a good national snow race between the big cities with a population of 100,000 or more this season. When New York City (Central Park) starts off the season with more snow than the defending 2 time champs Syracuse, NY it has to be a great contest this season. Like I mentioned, this is early for most cities so the updates will be hit and miss until we get into the thick of snow.

New to the site is the look and we added the last two seasons snow stats in the menu up above. I’m still working on a picture gallery where if all goes good you will be able to upload your snow pictures to the site to be added to a snow gallery. Still a few bugs to work out with that :(

Enough said for now and have a GREAT snow season all you sledders and skiers.

I just updated all the cities and every time I do I keep expecting to see some of the Colorado cities move up. What’s going on??? Come on Denver, lets go Pueblo and Lakewood! It’s not looking pretty when even Richmond Virginia has more snow than you do. I think last season you were in the national snow contest for most of the season. Fort Collins is the only city out of Colorado that is beating Richmond. OK, the season has just begun but……

Syracuse continues to be the news and in the news as a matter of fact. The snow continues to fly and they may break the record today for their snowiest December on record which is 70.3 set back in 2000. So far for December 66.1 inches of the white fluffy stuff has fallen. Not too bad considering we are only half way through the month. If it keeps up they also have a shot at beating the record for the snowiest month ever in Da Cuse which is 78.1 back in January 2004.

Rochester, NY is also chasing their record for the snowiest December and need just a couple of inches to do it. The current record is 46.2 set back in 2008. Right now they are at 44.2 inches for December.

Don’t forget about last season’s weather. Remember some of the big Nor Easters that came nonstop. Syracuse and Rochester may have a jump start but that’s just what it is, just the start of the 1010 – 2011 snow season.

Have an Awesome day all :)