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While the top 5 snowiest cities in the United States were sleeping it was a good time for a lot of the other cities to make a move ;) The top 5 are Grand Rapids, Michigan, Erie, Pa, Buffalo, NY, Cleveland, Ohio and South Bend, Indiana.

Nah, didn’t happen and only 2 cities in the Golden Snow Globe contest moved up this last update. All of the snowy cities are taking a little break but I see that snow is in the forecast for some of the cities so that could change. Grand Rapids continues to hold on to the lead by just a little more than a handful of snow over second place Erie, Pa and last seasons snow champs.

Grand Rapids has held the lead I believe since they pushed Erie, Pa off the top of the snow mountain right around November 17th give or take a day ;) Erie, Pa slipped into the lead although a short lived lead around November 15th taking the top spot from South Bend, Indiana.

It was pretty unusual to see some of the cities over a foot of snow that early in the season. Erie missed out on some decent lake effect snow that was suppose to hit them a few weeks back otherwise they would probably have a decent lead on a lot of us. Grand Rapids has had steady snowfall for the last few weeks keeping them on the top of the snow mountain. Keep it going Grand Rapids because a lot of cities will be trying to push you down the mountain sometime soon ;)

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Updated 8 PM - All of the cities were just updated. Unfortunately there were quite a few not reporting the new snowfall from the storm. There was quite a bit of shuffling and a couple of the cities finally managed to get on the snow board such as Baltimore, MD. I’m guessing there will be a lot more shuffling around come the next update.

3 of the cities so far have set a date record for snowfall even though it wasn’t a lot fo snow being reported. Allentown, Pa set a date record with 3.1 inches so far breaking the old record of 1.7 inches set way back in 1925. Newark, NJ set a date record for snowfall with 1.4 inches beating the old record of 9.1 set in 1955 and Hartford, CT broke theirs with 1.3 inches beating the old record of 0.4 set in 1985.

The biggest mover this update which had nothing to do with the Nor’easter was Madison, Wisconsin who jumped up 19 spots on the snow mountain from being in 29th place to the number 10 slot now. WTG Madison ;) Stay Tuned!


Update 5 PM - I am starting an update with the new storm snow stats. Should be out in a bit ;)

OK, it looks like it’s going to be an interesting 24 hours or so as far as this snow storm on the East coast goes. It also looks like it may be a chance for some of the cities to catch up a little bit. I don’t think we will see any big snow totals like what we saw in the towns around the Buffalo area but I’m guessing there will be some changes in the top 10 after this first Nor’easter of the season goes through.

Is it snowing where YOU are? Drop a comment here if you have some time and let us know what it’s doing in your neck of the woods.

A couple of pictures from a friend in Milford, Pa from the Snow Storm

Grand Rapids remains the king of the snow mountain still and looks to be safe for now anyways. Erie is only a couple of ropes away from them though and remember, they still have the bragging rights from being crowned snow champs last season. I saw a clip of some snow falling in Billing, Montana earlier and they are way overdue to start making a move. Then again I keep forgetting it’s only November because of all of the snowfall that has fallen already this soon in the season for some of the snowiest cities in the US.

This could be a chance for cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Worcester, Maybe New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC to get their snow season going. I think, and remember I am always clueless, that it’s going to all come down to the temperatures for the cities south of DC. Below are a couple of radars of what it looked like before I went to bed last night/this morning ;) Just click on either one and it will bring you to the live radar and to the National Weather Service site for the most recent updates. Please drive careful in this Thanksgiving Eve Day snow storm if you are traveling. No doubt the highways and roads will be nasty toward the north.

The storm seems to be moving a little closer to my hometown Syracuse but I don’t think they are going to have more than a few inches unless it shifts inland more. Right now I am visiting my Grandson Corbin in North Carolina and it’s been nothing but heavy rain off and on for about the last 12 hours or so. It looks like that may finally be coming to an end :)

Just Click on The Radar and Then Click on Your Area

National Weather Service Map of Current Storm Conditions

US Map Nor'easter Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day 11-26-2014 East Coast

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It was only a matter of time that the 2014-2015 Golden Snow Globe contest would start up and it has done just that. Anchorage, Alaska has started off the national snow contest this season picking up 0.8 inches of snowfall yesterday. Remember that this contest is for Bigger cities in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more.

I had a feeling a couple of days ago that the contest would be starting up right after the weekend and it did. To be honest though I thought it was going to be a city in the Northeast that would start it up because of how cold it was suppose to get last night, Sunday night. My guess a week or so ago was that Billings, Montana was going to be the first city to receive measurable snow and that didn’t pan out either. Now that the snow contest has started maybe the rest of us won’t get any snow until January.

OK, which city do you think will win the national snow contest for the 2014-2015 snow season? I have to go with you know the city ;) Syracuse, New York of course. I’m sure those of you from Erie, Pa, Billings, Buffalo and a few of the other cities may have a different opinion though ;)

Have a Great Night All!

Do any of you have a guesstimate as to which of the snowiest cities in the US will start off the Golden Snow Globe national snow contest for the 2014 – 2015 snow season? Personally I think it’s going to be a toss up between Anchorage, Alaska, Most of the Colorado cities and Billings, Montana. I’m going to go with Billings, Montana to get the first measurable snow of the season. Keep in mind though that there has been some snow falling in Alaska, just not in Anchorage as of this last update. Leave a comment in this post with your pick if you have some time ;)

Yeah, I know it’s way too early to even think about snow especially when the weather has been really awesome the last couple of weeks. At least on most of the east coast anyways. I normally don’t even look at the snow stats this early in the season but as I mentioned on the New York Golden Snowball website I had a major computer crash on my other computer so I kind of need to give this antique computer I am using a couple of test rides to get all of the bugs out when updating the website. It’s slower than it will seem like this coming winter will seem like but so far at least it’s working.

I’m also looking for a couple of advertisers or sponsors for the website this season. If you work at a company or know of one that may be interested please have them get in contact with me for some details about the cost and site stats. I’m thinking this year, not season may hit 1,000,000 page views or at least come close to that. Our little snow site has grown each year that it’s been around which I am loving because I am getting to meet a lot of you that are from all over the country. Just click on the contact page above to get in touch with me.

I’m looking forward to the new season (That is sooo untrue) and I am sure it will be as much fun as last season was. Thanks to all of you who posted comments, sent emails and made donations to the site last season. It was an awesome group and I hope to see everyone posting again this season. Enough said and to those of you in Erie, Pa, Not Happening this season. You’re going down ;)

Enjoy the rest of what we have of the nice weather everyone. See ya all soon, ummmm, unfortunately :P

First off as always Thanks to Kyle T and Joseph J. for your donations over the summer. Even though the snowiest US cities site is kind pretty much dead over the summer the your donations helped out paying the hosting bill. Thanks again and I truly appreciate them :)

I think this is the coldest it’s been in a long time here in the Syracuse area. It’s currently 56 degrees as I type this and unfortunately the next several days aren’t looking a whole lot better :( Yeah, I’m that type of person that you just hate because I whine when it’s too hot or too cold. I will take this over the 90 degree weather most of the time though.

I just did a full update on all of the snowiest cities in the US with a population of 100,000 or more. Another city is showing a trace of snow this update. Billings, Montana is the latest to see some snowflakes falling. Looking at the snow stats they are currently behind their average snowfall for the season to date which for Billings is 0.2 tenths of an inch of snow. Fort Collins, Colorado is the only other city that I saw that should have some measurable snowfall by now which is only 1 tenth of an inch.

Three cities are now showing a trace of snowfall and keep in mind that even though I have them at the top, a trace doesn’t count as measurable snowfall. So in other words it’s a 51 way tie right now for first place. Ummm, If your glass is half empty then it’s a 51 way tie for last place ;) The 3 cities with a trace are Billings, MT, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fort Wayne Indiana which kind of surprises me. I have to admit it is kind of depressing typing about snow. It seems like summer just started a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this will be a fun winter at the Golden Snow Globe and winter will fly right by…

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Enjoy what’s left of summer all and hopefully there is plenty of warm weather still to come.

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A Big Congratulations to all of you in Erie Pennsylvania on winning this seasons Golden Snow Globe contest. Erie, PA snowiest city in the US and King of the Snow Mountain :) This season was without a doubt one of the closest snow contests right till the end and was definitely the most fun that it has ever been which is what it’s all about. Erie, you do deserve it!  I made a few phone calls tonight to a couple of the National Weather Service stations and both of them felt it is safe enough to call a Wrap for the 2013 – 2014 snow season. I think that this late in the year and with Erie’s half a foot of snow lead I can agree with them. You might want to hold off on the victory shirts a little longer though just in case :)

I’m not quite convinced that we won’t see a snowflake or two but Erie, PA 138.4 inches of snow for the season and second place Syracuse has 132.0 inches of snow for the season. The National Weather Service thinks the 6 inch lead should be enough to say, It’s a Wrap and way to go Erie ;)

This season was no different than the others and the best part is getting to meet a lot of different people from across the United States. I’ve been in contact with more than normal this season whether it was by you leaving comments or sending emails. I had a blast and I can’t wait until next season. OK, that’s a lie and I can wait and look forward to some decent sunny weather now. A big Thanks to all of you who have left comments and sent emails and to all of you who would just stop by for a visit to check out the snow stats. A Big Thanks to those of you who took the time to make donations to the site. They helped out a lot and offset the costs of running the site. Thanks ;)

I received several comments and emails from some good folks in Erie who were getting a little nervous and with reason. I’m pretty sure that Erie held the lead for most of the season only to see Syracuse slip ahead of them toward the end of March, right around the 24th. I was thinking and being from Syracuse hoping that it was going to be a repeat of last season when Syracuse piled on a bunch of snow at the end to take the title as snowiest big city in the US. Nope, Erie wasn’t having any of that this season and actually piled on a few more inches of snow to cushion their lead toward the end. Even Captain Dan from the radio station  was getting chest pains, not from shoveling but from how close the snow contest was :)

No doubt all of you from Erie, PA deserve the bragging rights just don’t get too use to it because We’ll Be Back. By the way, that’s all you’re getting is bragging rights ;P OK, maybe a virtual pat on the back too ;) Seriously I have looked for hours and hours for a decent award but still haven’t found one I like. If you happen to find something cool that isn’t too expensive then let me know and I’ll check it out..

Here is a quick summary of how the season went and to The Big J show and McLovin at HOT 101.9 in Billings Montana I’ll keep my offer going even though the contest is over ;)

10/22/13 – I finally take a look to see if any of the cities have any snow. Lakewood Colorado starts the 2013 – 2014 snow season off showing 3 inches of snow. There were some lead changes and Sioux Falls, SD and Anchorage, AK held the lead at one point.

11/26/13 – Rochester, NY grabs the lead for a short time.

11/30/13 – Erie, PA jumps to the top of the snow mountain but will be pushed off the top just a few days later.

12/3/13 – Billings Montana trips Erie and they fall down the snow mountain and Billings takes the top spot. Billing held the lead most of the period between 12/3 and 12/15

12/15/13 – Erie, PA says enough of this back and forth stuff and blows into the lead once again and wasn’t going to let go of it or so they thought. This was the longest that a city had held on to the top spot.

2/11/14 – Erie still hasn’t given up the top spot. They were starting to design what they wanted their crown to look like. Erie leads Syracuse, NY by more than 2 feet of snow now. Grand Rapids held the number 2 spot on the mountain for a good part of February.

3/21/14 – Finally a city stepped up to challenge Erie for the lead. It wasn’t enough though and when the snow stopped falling it was Erie and Syracuse in a dead tie.

3/23/14 – Mother Nature sneezed over Erie and they were in the lead by just 0.3 inches. Nope, not over quite yet.

3/24/13 – God Bless you Mother Nature except this time the sneeze was over Syracuse. Syracuse slips past Erie by only 0.2 of an inch and claims the top spot. Who cares after that? Joking ;)

3/26/14 = Erie skates past Syracuse and holds a 2 inch lead over Syracuse. Erie continues to work on the crown design. Erie would hold on to the lead for the rest of the season.

5/1/14 – Erie Pennsylvania, The NEW King of The Snow Mountain!!! Congrats again to all of you from Erie! You do deserve the hard earned bragging rights as being the snowiest Big city in the US :)

I’ll probably do one last update sometime in the next week or so. A Big Thanks to Stephen for his help on the website. A Big thanks to those who made donations and again, a Big Thanks to All of You for making this snow season a lot of fun. Also a Big thanks to all of the media who covered the snow contest throughout the season.

Have a Safe, Awesome Summer Everyone, Patrick and Stephen :)

Updated 3/30 6 PM - Looks like all of the totals are in from this last blast of snow. The snowfall totals from the storm below were updated from earlier.

So here is the lowdown on the top 3 cities right now. Erie leads Syracuse by 5.5 inches and leads Buffalo by 8.4 inches. Still a 3 way race ;)

Syracuse’s lead over Buffalo, NY has been melted down to just 2.9 inches now. Man is it close and stay tuned!

3/30 3 PM - Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY and Rochester, NY all got some snow and a decent amount of it for this time in the season. So far nothing is being reported for 2nd place Syracuse. I know, there is still more snow to add to the snow totals and I’ll get a top 10 update in later on when The National Weather Service comes out with the next update. Here is what they are reporting total from this last blast of snowfall.

Erie, PA – 4.0 inches
Buffalo, NY – 5.6 inches
Rochester, NY – 8.6 inches
Cleveland – 5 inches (Broke into top 10)
Syracuse, NY – Notta, Null, Zip, Zero, 0.00 – They must have forgotten to measure the snow before the airplanes took off :(

A couple of things stand out from this last blast other than Erie adding to the lead that is. Buffalo is definitely in striking distance now of taking over 2nd place and perhaps even storming to the top to take the grand prize. Oh yeah, the grand prize of a virtual trophy or something plus a virtual pat on the back for a job well done of course ;)

Rochester is closing in on 4th place and should only be a few inches away from Grand Rapids, MI when the next update comes out from what I have heard and read. Even if Rochester doesn’t take over the 4th place spot they gave themselves a pretty good lead over Billings, Montana now and look pretty secure at finishing in the top 5 this season. Maybe Billings has something to say about that though.

I’m loving how this contest is playing out this season and it’s going to be a little bit sad when Syracuse pulls out the Lake Effect Dance like last year and goes snows to the top like last season. I will sincerely feel bad for Erie and the friends I have made from there the last couple of seasons ;) Stay Tuned!!!

Have a Great Day All :)

First Off – A Big Thanks to Elizabeth C. for your kind donation to the site. Everyone of them helps to offset costs and time ands lets me know that the time put into the site is appreciated. Thank You Elizabeth :)
Erie, PA continues to camp out on top of Golden Snow Globe Mountain and I’m guessing that they have been there so long they probably have a ski resort built by now :) Can Erie continue to hold on to the top spot for another month or two? No doubt all of the other top cities blew a good chance to catch up to them the last several days. Syracuse managed to melt away only 7 tenths of an inch off the lead. For the most part all of the cities have been taking a break from the snow including Grand Rapids, Buffalo and Billings who round off the top 5 snowiest big cities in the US. After a couple of days with the temps above freezing and two days in a row with the sun shining, at least Here in Syracuse, I’m thinking just give Syracuse 10 inches and let’s call it a wrap :)

Sorry about the lack of updates but I have really been letting my other work slide lately. I barely looked at my shopping websites in the last 6-8 weeks because of the snow and time spent on this site. I’m loving it though and enjoying every update I do and I am also loving the fact that the snow race is really close again this season. It could get interesting in the next week…

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First off as always I want to thanks some people for their donations to the site. I checked my PayPal account today to send my son some money and was surprised to see that 3 people made donations to the last two days. It really made my day and makes the work that goes into the site feel like it’s appreciated :) A Big Thanks to Janet S., Nancy S., and Paul B. I think that is just about how many people who have donated to the site this entire season. Thanks again to all 3 of you, they really do help and I truly appreciate the thought and you taking the time :)
It seems like it is still snowing in most of the Golden Snow Globe cities. Erie added to their totals again and have now had their 8th snowiest season on record and most likely they will continue to move up on that list. Syracuse added enough snow to at least keep pace with what Erie is getting which is a good thing for Syracuse, NY. Grand Rapids did take second place away for a little while earlier when I was peaking at the snow stats but Syracuse wasn’t reporting their overnight snow at the time and Grand Rapids was. Some of the National Weather Service stations report at different times.

Either way both Grand Rapids and Buffalo are hanging close to Syracuse right now for the second place spot on the snow Mountain. Now one of the cities need to put some pressure on Erie, PA ;) Billings, Montana seems to have a decent enough lead over the cities below them to be sitting in the fifth place spot comfortably right now. Adam, who is from Billings posted a comment that they have received 28 inches in the last 7 days. Just think about it, in the last 7 days Billings had had almost what they should have for the whole season up until today which is 35 inches. No doubt some records are being set there.

I was listening to one of our local news stations here in Syracuse tonight, Channel 3, which is CNYCentral and meteorologist Mike Brookins had a pretty good line about how this winter has been for most places this season. He said something like “Don’t you kind of feel like we are all inside a snow globe and someone just keeps on shaking it”? I loved it and it does sum up this snow season doesn’t it?

Have a Super Week Everyone ;)

Here is a COOL Graphic chart that was tweeted to me by a guy from Billings, Montana, twitter handle @bigjshow Thanks for sharing and a shout out to The Big J Show :)

Cool Picture From @bigjshow on twitter

I think that those of us on top really better start paying attention to Billings, Montana. They added another 7.3 inches of new snowfall yesterday setting a date record that was 3.3 inches going back to 1979. I was also reading an article at the Billings Gazette website about how this is their 3rd snowiest season ever and they just blew away their snowiest February on record I believe. Why we need to worry is that the upcoming storm looks like it is going to miss most of the cities on top now staying more to the South. According to the article Billings will be grabbing some snow from the storm. This guy isn’t taking any chances and YES I did just do the last Snow Dance of the season so keep an eye on Syracuse, NY too :)

Secondly, HAPPY MARCH everyone :) For some reason after keeping snow stats for something like 12 years now on the New York snow site, the Golden Snowball March doesn’t excite me as much as it use too. April is a totally different story though. March is that month where you know Spring is just around the corner but it seems to never get here. April, other than last year where Syracuse picked up something like 11 inches of snow we can pretty much figure the snow season is over. Not too many cities get more than a couple of inches of snow in April where as March has been known to produce some pretty big snow storms including the blizzard of 1993. OK, OK, I know, enough already of me depressing you on the first day of March ;)

I just went down the list of snowiest big cities in the United States and even though I knew it’s been a snowy season I was surprised that almost every city is over their average snow totals for this time in the season. The thing is most of the cities aren’t just over their average snowfall but they are blowing the averages away. I think Philadelphia, PA really stands out. Philly has over 3 times the normal snowfall for this time in the season.

Billings, Montana it seems has had snow just about every time I do an update lately it seems. Billings just set a date record for snowfall yesterday picking up a fresh new 7.3 inches of the white fluffy stuff breaking the old record of 3.3 inches set in 1979. Billings is also a city that those on top may want to keep an eye on now. They just went over the 90 inch mark and are currently in 5th place. Billings normal average to date should be 34.5 inches, just one of many blowing away their average snow totals this season.

Our current King of the snow mountain Erie, Pennsylvania is almost 40 inches over their average snowfall right now. A ton of the cities in the contest have more than doubled the average snowfall they would normally have this time in the snow season. Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY and Sioux Falls, SD are all right around where they should be right now but still a little over.

There are only a handful of cities that are below the amount of snow that they should have at this time. Salt Lake City, Utah, Spokane, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska and I’m guessing maybe Denver and a couple other cities from Colorado that don’t report what the average should be for this time in the snow season. Just think of all of the other cities that we don’t have listed. My guess is there has to be well over one hundred if not more that are way over their snow totals.

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on all of the cities that are having one of their top 10 snowiest season on record but I think there are too many probably to keep track of. I’ll try and get some info on that hopefully next week but if you read the comments section several people are posting where their city is at right now. To those of you in Erie, PA I have 4 words for you. GO FOR THE RECORD ;) Less than 30 inches away, why not have a historic snow season to brag about to the Grand Kids years from now…

Ok, I know my teacher pals that visit here are going to hit me with a ruler for personalizing the cities so many times in this post :(

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone :)