A Trace of Snow for Another City and Brrrrr

First off as always Thanks to Kyle T and Joseph J. for your donations over the summer. Even though the snowiest US cities site is kind pretty much dead over the summer the your donations helped out paying the hosting bill. Thanks again and I truly appreciate them :)

I think this is the coldest it’s been in a long time here in the Syracuse area. It’s currently 56 degrees as I type this and unfortunately the next several days aren’t looking a whole lot better :( Yeah, I’m that type of person that you just hate because I whine when it’s too hot or too cold. I will take this over the 90 degree weather most of the time though.

I just did a full update on all of the snowiest cities in the US with a population of 100,000 or more. Another city is showing a trace of snow this update. Billings, Montana is the latest to see some snowflakes falling. Looking at the snow stats they are currently behind their average snowfall for the season to date which for Billings is 0.2 tenths of an inch of snow. Fort Collins, Colorado is the only other city that I saw that should have some measurable snowfall by now which is only 1 tenth of an inch.

Three cities are now showing a trace of snowfall and keep in mind that even though I have them at the top, a trace doesn’t count as measurable snowfall. So in other words it’s a 51 way tie right now for first place. Ummm, If your glass is half empty then it’s a 51 way tie for last place ;) The 3 cities with a trace are Billings, MT, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fort Wayne Indiana which kind of surprises me. I have to admit it is kind of depressing typing about snow. It seems like summer just started a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully this will be a fun winter at the Golden Snow Globe and winter will fly right by…

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Enjoy what’s left of summer all and hopefully there is plenty of warm weather still to come.

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4′ Airblown Inflatable Santa and Friends Snow Globe Lighted Christmas Yard Art

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Have an awesome weekend everyone :)

Last Snow Udate Just Done, Happy Summer All

First off after the kind of winter a lot of us had let me say Happy Summer Everyone, you earned it :) Once again congrats to Erie for being the snow champs this/last season. Believe it or not the new season starts in about 10 days on July 1st. Ummmm, don’t even think of any updates though until probably sometime in October….

Yeah I know it’s the first day of summer, what am I thinking? Beats me! OK, really there was a reason why I did do a snow total update for all of the snowiest cities in the US. Big cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

Every year I say that I am going to do a late update for a couple of reasons but I never do it. Once the warm weather hits the lights are pretty much shut off and the doors locked up here at the Golden Snow Globe website. Anyways one of the reasons is just to get one last update in after May to see if any of the cities have had any snow. There were a few of the cities that I did have to add snow to their totals, mainly the Colorado cities. One of the cities in Utah also had some more snow since the last update.

The other reason for doing an update this late is that the normal snowfall to date in the second column on the snow chart should also be what all of the cities receive on average for the total season. I know that those stats are out there somewhere but now if you go to the snow stats the average to date should also be what your city receives on average for the entire season. Enough about snow Huh!

I also wanted to wish all of you a Happy 1st Day of Summer :) It’s a beautiful day here in the Syracuse area with the temps in 70′s and best of all it’s not too humid. Hopefully it will be one of them hang by the pool (not mine :( ) and drink a Margarita or two kind of days. Hopefully it’s the same where you are but if you are in Arizona where my son who works for the border patrol is then I sort of pity you. 100 + degrees is a little too hot for me and don’t even tell me “but it’s a dry heat”. 100 degrees is 100 degrees and that is about 25 degrees hotter than I prefer it to be. JMO of course ;)

One last thing is that I’m curious if anyone has any ideas as to what to do with the website in the summer time? I was thinking of rain but I think it would be impossible to keep track and update all of the cities. There would be hundreds if not more plus it’s kind of depressing. Does anyone have any thoughts and if so please suggest them here in the comment section. Have a Safe, Awesome Summer Everyone :)

Pet Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack in California

I never knew that a pet cat would protect a boy from a dog or any other family member. One bully dog, one 4 year old boy and out of nowhere one bad ass cat who wasn’t going to allow the little boy to be attacked.

I have to admit that I’m not a big cat person but don’t hate on me for that. It’s not that I hate them or anything, I think it’s that they are a bit strange. I just don’t trust them. The place I just moved into, a friends house has a cat and it’s taking me awhile to get use to him. Seems to be a nice cat but I tend not to turn my back on him :) After watching this video of the cat coming to the little boys defense I do respect them more but I may also be watching my back a bit more ;) . A job well done and nice kitty, good kitty cat.

I read where the little boy did need to get some stitches and that the mom was also bitten. The Mom was just a few steps behind the cat to get to the boy. Was nice to see the little kitty cat chase the big bully dog away. A good outcome considering and I will try and give my new roomie Max a chance ;)

Score = cat 1 – attack dog 0 – Little boy OK :)

Congratulations Erie, Pa Snowiest Big City 2013 – 2014

A Big Thanks to John A. for your recent donation to the website and to all who have donated this season. They help out a lot. Thanks John, I truly appreciate it.

A Big Congratulations to all of you in Erie Pennsylvania on winning this seasons Golden Snow Globe contest. Erie, PA snowiest city in the US and King of the Snow Mountain :) This season was without a doubt one of the closest snow contests right till the end and was definitely the most fun that it has ever been which is what it’s all about. Erie, you do deserve it!  I made a few phone calls tonight to a couple of the National Weather Service stations and both of them felt it is safe enough to call a Wrap for the 2013 – 2014 snow season. I think that this late in the year and with Erie’s half a foot of snow lead I can agree with them. You might want to hold off on the victory shirts a little longer though just in case :)

I’m not quite convinced that we won’t see a snowflake or two but Erie, PA 138.4 inches of snow for the season and second place Syracuse has 132.0 inches of snow for the season. The National Weather Service thinks the 6 inch lead should be enough to say, It’s a Wrap and way to go Erie ;)

This season was no different than the others and the best part is getting to meet a lot of different people from across the United States. I’ve been in contact with more than normal this season whether it was by you leaving comments or sending emails. I had a blast and I can’t wait until next season. OK, that’s a lie and I can wait and look forward to some decent sunny weather now. A big Thanks to all of you who have left comments and sent emails and to all of you who would just stop by for a visit to check out the snow stats. A Big Thanks to those of you who took the time to make donations to the site. They helped out a lot and offset the costs of running the site. Thanks ;)

I received several comments and emails from some good folks in Erie who were getting a little nervous and with reason. I’m pretty sure that Erie held the lead for most of the season only to see Syracuse slip ahead of them toward the end of March, right around the 24th. I was thinking and being from Syracuse hoping that it was going to be a repeat of last season when Syracuse piled on a bunch of snow at the end to take the title as snowiest big city in the US. Nope, Erie wasn’t having any of that this season and actually piled on a few more inches of snow to cushion their lead toward the end. Even Captain Dan from the radio station www.wmce.fm  was getting chest pains, not from shoveling but from how close the snow contest was :)

No doubt all of you from Erie, PA deserve the bragging rights just don’t get too use to it because We’ll Be Back. By the way, that’s all you’re getting is bragging rights ;P OK, maybe a virtual pat on the back too ;) Seriously I have looked for hours and hours for a decent award but still haven’t found one I like. If you happen to find something cool that isn’t too expensive then let me know and I’ll check it out..

Here is a quick summary of how the season went and to The Big J show and McLovin at HOT 101.9 in Billings Montana I’ll keep my offer going even though the contest is over ;)

10/22/13 – I finally take a look to see if any of the cities have any snow. Lakewood Colorado starts the 2013 – 2014 snow season off showing 3 inches of snow. There were some lead changes and Sioux Falls, SD and Anchorage, AK held the lead at one point.

11/26/13 – Rochester, NY grabs the lead for a short time.

11/30/13 – Erie, PA jumps to the top of the snow mountain but will be pushed off the top just a few days later.

12/3/13 – Billings Montana trips Erie and they fall down the snow mountain and Billings takes the top spot. Billing held the lead most of the period between 12/3 and 12/15

12/15/13 – Erie, PA says enough of this back and forth stuff and blows into the lead once again and wasn’t going to let go of it or so they thought. This was the longest that a city had held on to the top spot.

2/11/14 – Erie still hasn’t given up the top spot. They were starting to design what they wanted their crown to look like. Erie leads Syracuse, NY by more than 2 feet of snow now. Grand Rapids held the number 2 spot on the mountain for a good part of February.

3/21/14 – Finally a city stepped up to challenge Erie for the lead. It wasn’t enough though and when the snow stopped falling it was Erie and Syracuse in a dead tie.

3/23/14 – Mother Nature sneezed over Erie and they were in the lead by just 0.3 inches. Nope, not over quite yet.

3/24/13 – God Bless you Mother Nature except this time the sneeze was over Syracuse. Syracuse slips past Erie by only 0.2 of an inch and claims the top spot. Who cares after that? Joking ;)

3/26/14 = Erie skates past Syracuse and holds a 2 inch lead over Syracuse. Erie continues to work on the crown design. Erie would hold on to the lead for the rest of the season.

5/1/14 – Erie Pennsylvania, The NEW King of The Snow Mountain!!! Congrats again to all of you from Erie! You do deserve the hard earned bragging rights as being the snowiest Big city in the US :)

I’ll probably do one last update sometime in the next week or so. A Big Thanks to Stephen for his help on the website. A Big thanks to those who made donations and again, a Big Thanks to All of You for making this snow season a lot of fun. Also a Big thanks to all of the media who covered the snow contest throughout the season.

Have a Safe, Awesome Summer Everyone, Patrick and Stephen :)

Things Could Get Interesting, Is It Snowing There

I can’t honestly say I am looking forward to a 50 plus degree drop in temperatures in the next 24 hours give or take but it is what it is.  I guess if the cold front that is coming through has to happen then hey, it may as well drop half a foot of snow on Syracuse, NY :)

Just a quick post to ask that you leave a comment in THIS post to keep us updated.  I also put some blocks on some comments to stop all of the spamming I get here so if you can’t post please let me know through the contact page.

Let us know if you have some time if it’s snowing in your neck of the woods.  Erie, PA still holds a good lead over Syracuse and Buffalo but the next day or two could make the contest a little more interesting than it is right now.  What a difference a day makes in the northeast!

Have a Great Day All ;)

When Does The National Snow Contest End

There are two things that have scared me since day one of starting up the National snow contest. One, am I missing a big city that gets a ton of snow and two, am I calling the contest too soon?

The reason I worry about the second, when to wrap up the snow contest is because with my luck one of the cities will get some fluke snow storm in May or June. If the snow contest isn’t close I don’t worry so much but when it is close I tend to stress a little over it. The main reason is because the chances are good that some of the news media will be reporting it and I can see me calling the winner, the news reporting it and then another city goes ahead a week later:(

OK, so when does the contest get called? I’m hoping sometime at the beginning of May depending on what the long term forecast looks like. I think the longest we have gone is May 15th and the reason was because the Colorado cities were making a last minute charge up the snow mountain. This season they are way toward the bottom of the mountain so I don’t see that happening this season. Right now for this time in the season Erie, PA is looking pretty good with their lead of 5.5 inches over the next best and last seasons snow champion Syracuse. I don’t believe any of the cities on top of the snow mountain average that much snow for May so the beginning of May is looking good right now.

Those of you that follow the snow contest on Twitter will be one of the first to know when I call it so if you don’t follow you may want to. Our local paper in Syracuse and Erie, PA Life on Facebook will also be the first to know. Both have been awesome to the snow contest and it’s appreciated. Let’s just hope I don’t blow it :( Erie has held the lead most of the season and I will feel bad if Syracuse goes ahead at the last minute. I’ll fell bad but I’ll get over it. Hey, I’m from Syracuse ;) Good Luck to Both and let’s not forget Buffalo, NY!

The reason I worry about the first is because I don’t list all of the big cities that get snow for the fact that it would take too long to get updates in. I know there are some cities in probably in the Carolina’s that have gotten snow and others around the country but during a normal season it will never be enough to compete with the big snow makers. This season was anything but a normal snow season with many cities breaking all time records. Cities like Billings, Montana who had the most snow ever since records have been kept and there are several others that have had the same kind of season. Seasons like this get me a little nervous ;)

Important – I have been spending hours upon hours dealing with spam comments to the website. This is something I deal with every day of the year including all through summer. I just added a plugin that should hopefully help but I am a little worried that some legitimate comments from those of you that post may be blocked also. If that happens please let me know by contacting me through the contact page so I can make some adjustments. Hopefully you won’t have any problems and that this saves me hours of browsing through all of the spam that I get here.

A BIG Thanks to Carol G. for her donation that we received. Last month I was overwhelmed by the support the site received from a lot of you. Last month alone was more than the site has received in total since we started it a few years back. It’s nice to see the appreciation carrying over into this month and Thank You again to all of you and Thanks again Carol, I truly appreciate it :)

Have a Great Day Everyone :)

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First I want to give a BIG Thanks to Carol G. for her donation that we received. Last month I was overwhelmed by the support the site received from a lot of you. Last month alone was more than the site has received in total since we started it a few years back. It’s nice to see the appreciation carrying over into this month and Thank You again to all of you and Thanks again Carol, I truly appreciate it :)
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OK, the time I think has come for some of the cities to start getting a little bit nervous about Erie right now. Erie is heading into April with a decent snow lead of 5.6 inches over 2nd place Syracuse, NY. Keep in mind that it’s not over until the fat man sings and the chances are that the earliest I may be singing won’t be until May 1st, maybe a little bit later. I will admit that as the days go by I do find myself humming more and more each day ;) It’s still snowing in several cities and I think even the top snowiest cities will be getting a little more. The question is just how much more. Stay Tuned ;)

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Have a Great Night All ;)

Fantasy Snowfall 2014: Final Results

With March having come to a close, the 2014 Fantasy Snowfall contest has ended. We’ve waited about a week to make sure the stats are accurate: that any corrections that were needed between December and March have been accounted for now. First, here’s a look at the March monthly totals:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014
Brent Mike Pat Steve
41.1 45.2 38.4 34.5
Starters (Full Credit)
Denver 6.0 Ann Arbor 10.5 Green Bay 6.1 Akron 9.7
Lansing 10.4 Boston 2.2 Rochester(MN) 6.2 Billings 10.6
Milwaukee 6.3 Madison 8.2 Salt Lake City 0.5 Hartford 0.8
Sioux Fallsr 7.7 Pittsburgh 4.9 Spokane 5.8 Minneapolis 4.7
Total 30.4 Total 25.8 Total 18.6 Total 25.8
Bench (Half Credit)
Erie 17.6 Flint 9.4 Buffalo 24.5 Anchorage 10.9
Worcester 3.7 Rochester(NY) 29.3 Cleveland 15.1 Grand Rapids 6.4
Total 10.7 Total 19.4 Total 19.8 Total 8.7

All four competitors used Syracuse earlier in the season. That strategy worked this season, as Syracuse picked up 21.7 inches of snow in March, the city’s lowest total of the 4 months in play.

Mike takes March, but monthly totals for everyone were a bit low for everyone. While this is partly due to the big cities being on the bench, it’s largely a result of there just simply not being much snow in most of the Fantasy Snowfall cities. Only 2 cities reached the 20 inch mark, while 16 of the 24 failed to reach double digits.

Now a word about the final standings. Because of adjustments made through the season by the National Weather Service, the totals below will not match results from previously announced months. With that out of the way, here are the final totals for Fantasy Snowfall 2014:

GSG Fantasy Snowfall 2014 Standings
Players December January February March Total
Brent 103.4 126.0 105.0 41.1 375.4
Mike 92.4 133.6 108.8 45.2 379.8
Pat 99.6 104.2 134.9 38.4 377.0
Steve 110.2 107.7 152.0 34.5 404.4

Steve wins this year’s contest! It was a tight race for the rest, as the difference between second and last was 4.4 inches. Mike winning March propelled him to second place overall, with Pat finishing 3rd and Brent in 4th.

We’d like to thank all four players for their participation, and everyone for following along, this season. We’re excited to bring another edition of Fantasy Snowfall next season…but we’ll gladly take the next 6 months to relax before then. ;)

While Fantasy Snowfall has ended, the main snow race continues! Stay tuned to find out which city is this year’s national champion. Can Erie hold on? Will Syracuse overtake them? Is there another that will pass them both? Should be a very interesting conclusion in the next month to month and a half!