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1/7 11 AM – Put it in the snow books because it’s official now. Erie, Pennsylvania has taken the lead in the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest ;)

Erie, Pa slipped past Grand Rapids, MI when all of the snowflakes were tallied up at the end of the day yesterday. Right now only half an inch separates the two for the top spot on the snow mountain. Snow is predicted for a lot of the snowiest cities today so it should just keep getting better ;)

Grand Rapids actually took the lead away from defending Champs Erie right around November 18th so I guess this is payback and payback is a Batch, a batch of snow falling on Erie that is ;) WTG Erie and it will be interesting to see how long you can hold onto the lead.. So far there have been 5 lead changes from 4 different cities which are below.

Anchorage, Alaska – 10/20/2014 – 11/14/2014

South Bend, Indiana – 11/14/2014 – 11/15/2014

Erie, Pa 11/15/2014 – 11/18/2014

Grand Rapids, Michigan 11/18/2014 – 1/6/2015

Erie, Pa 1/6/2015 – Current Leader

Stay Tune for a late day update and drive careful everyone!
1/7 2:00 AM - IMPORTANT - The new update was done at 2:00 am and not all of the cities were showing new snow stats at that time. Grand Rapids was reporting snow stats as was Erie, Pa. Erie has indeed slid past Grand Rapids with the snow totals that were being reported for yesterday. Come morning who knows ;)

Buffalo, NY and Billings, Montana were not showing new snow stats at 2 AM so both of those cities could take the lead. I will get another update in sometime in the morning (Late Morning) so stay tuned and Good Night ;)

First off, sorry about the lack of posts lately. I have been able to get a lot of updates in but with the Holidays and trying to keep up my shopping sites it’s been tough finding the time to blog. I have been able to get at least one update in each day and well lets face it, it’s been a pretty boring snow season so far except for those that had that those crazy amounts of snow just outside of the Buffalo area.

I just got a full update in and will try to get at least a Top 25 update in later. Billings, Montana has finally decided to play with us and join the snowball fight. They managed to move into the Top 5 this last update picking up 6 inches of snow since the last update. It will be interesting to see if they have more to add later in the day.

It’s looking like the cold air is getting ready to move in after this little warm up slips by today which hopefully means SNOW :) The Golden Snow Globe contest is really close and looking at the top 25 I think most of the cities that are in the top 25 still have a shot at winning this season. There is still a lot of snow season left whether you/we like it or not…

Grand Rapids has been the King of the Snow Mountain for just about the entire 2014 – 2015 snow season. I think they have held the lead since something like around November 17th when they pushed last seasons snow champs Erie, Pa down the mountain. So far every time one of the cities makes a move to the top of the mountain Grand Rapids has been able to pick up just enough snow to fend us off. WTG Grand Rapids but I think your days are numbered ;)

This week and probably starting tonight things should start getting interesting again with the colder air moving in. Hopefully it will get all of our Lake Effect Machines cranking up and get the snow contest cranking too. I was just thinking how early the snow started falling this season in a lot of places and then pretty much just slowed right down. I suppose the one good thing is it hasn’t been anywhere near as cold as it was last season when that Polar Vortex overstayed it’s welcome.

Have a Great Day All and Stay Tuned!

First, as always, a Big Thanks to Sue G. for your donation to the site. They always help out a lot and are very much appreciated. Thanks Sue for taking the time :)

OK! I have to admit I was blind sided and slid into the ditch when I saw the snow totals for Erie, Pa. I figured they would be getting some snow but I wasn’t expecting anything like a foot of snowfall to start Erie, Pennsylvania’s snow season off. Remember they were only showing a trace of snow up until now. As of the last update from the National weather service they are reporting 11.8 inches of the fresh white gold on the ground and it sounds like Erie isn’t finished yet. Even though the National Weather Service isn’t showing it yet my guess is they probably set a date snowfall record. WTG Erie :)

There was a whole lot of sliding around this update and 3 cities sled past Anchorage, Alaska who held the lead up until today. Erie, Pa, South Bend, Indiana and Fort Collins, Colorado moved into the top 3 slots on the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain.

South Bend set a date record picking up 6.2 inches of snow breaking the old record of 4.7 set back in 1974. It’s good to have you back South Bend :)

As for those of us in Syracuse, New York we figure we will sit back until about February and then turn on our Lake Effect Machine for the big finish. Oh wait, that didn’t go too good last season did it? It looks like it will be another fun snow season and with last seasons snow champs starting with a big lead it should be a lot of fun trying to catch them. Good Luck to all of the cities.

As always, See Snow – Drive Slow unless of course your on a sled or the ski mountains :) Have a great night all!

This last update Flint, Michigan climbed into second place in the national snow contest picking up 1.3 inches. Anchorage still holds onto the number 1 spot with 3.8 inches of snowfall for the 2014-2015 snow season. Keep in mind these are snow stats from early this morning and would have been just snow accumulated from Saturday.

We now have 9 cities with a population of 100,000 or more that have measurable snowfall on the season meaning at least 0.1 of an inch of snow. Syracuse, New York who is the favorite very season is tied for last place not even showing a trace of snowfall yet this season at their airport. I did see a few flakes falling just outside of the city though.

Last years snow champs Erie, Pa is showing a Trace of snowfall now and it will be interesting to see if they can do a repeat of last season, taking the snowiest big city crown away from the other big cities. South Bend, Indiana is tied for 3rd place with Madison, Wisconsin.

I know that there were several cities from the south that got at least a trace of snowfall but I’ll hold off a bit before adding them. Honorable mention goes out to Columbia, South Carolina and a couple other cities that I saw some pictures of that had a coating of snow on the ground.

As far as the states go, four have 2 cities that are in the top 10. Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. No doubt that it should be another fun season and hopefully it plays out like last season did with the National Snow Contest going right down til the end of the season. Stay Tuned!

Have a Great Night All ;)

Do any of you have a guesstimate as to which of the snowiest cities in the US will start off the Golden Snow Globe national snow contest for the 2014 – 2015 snow season? Personally I think it’s going to be a toss up between Anchorage, Alaska, Most of the Colorado cities and Billings, Montana. I’m going to go with Billings, Montana to get the first measurable snow of the season. Keep in mind though that there has been some snow falling in Alaska, just not in Anchorage as of this last update. Leave a comment in this post with your pick if you have some time ;)

Yeah, I know it’s way too early to even think about snow especially when the weather has been really awesome the last couple of weeks. At least on most of the east coast anyways. I normally don’t even look at the snow stats this early in the season but as I mentioned on the New York Golden Snowball website I had a major computer crash on my other computer so I kind of need to give this antique computer I am using a couple of test rides to get all of the bugs out when updating the website. It’s slower than it will seem like this coming winter will seem like but so far at least it’s working.

I’m also looking for a couple of advertisers or sponsors for the website this season. If you work at a company or know of one that may be interested please have them get in contact with me for some details about the cost and site stats. I’m thinking this year, not season may hit 1,000,000 page views or at least come close to that. Our little snow site has grown each year that it’s been around which I am loving because I am getting to meet a lot of you that are from all over the country. Just click on the contact page above to get in touch with me.

I’m looking forward to the new season (That is sooo untrue) and I am sure it will be as much fun as last season was. Thanks to all of you who posted comments, sent emails and made donations to the site last season. It was an awesome group and I hope to see everyone posting again this season. Enough said and to those of you in Erie, Pa, Not Happening this season. You’re going down ;)

Enjoy the rest of what we have of the nice weather everyone. See ya all soon, ummmm, unfortunately :P

First off after the kind of winter a lot of us had let me say Happy Summer Everyone, you earned it :) Once again congrats to Erie for being the snow champs this/last season. Believe it or not the new season starts in about 10 days on July 1st. Ummmm, don’t even think of any updates though until probably sometime in October….

Yeah I know it’s the first day of summer, what am I thinking? Beats me! OK, really there was a reason why I did do a snow total update for all of the snowiest cities in the US. Big cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

Every year I say that I am going to do a late update for a couple of reasons but I never do it. Once the warm weather hits the lights are pretty much shut off and the doors locked up here at the Golden Snow Globe website. Anyways one of the reasons is just to get one last update in after May to see if any of the cities have had any snow. There were a few of the cities that I did have to add snow to their totals, mainly the Colorado cities. One of the cities in Utah also had some more snow since the last update.

The other reason for doing an update this late is that the normal snowfall to date in the second column on the snow chart should also be what all of the cities receive on average for the total season. I know that those stats are out there somewhere but now if you go to the snow stats the average to date should also be what your city receives on average for the entire season. Enough about snow Huh!

I also wanted to wish all of you a Happy 1st Day of Summer :) It’s a beautiful day here in the Syracuse area with the temps in 70′s and best of all it’s not too humid. Hopefully it will be one of them hang by the pool (not mine :( ) and drink a Margarita or two kind of days. Hopefully it’s the same where you are but if you are in Arizona where my son who works for the border patrol is then I sort of pity you. 100 + degrees is a little too hot for me and don’t even tell me “but it’s a dry heat”. 100 degrees is 100 degrees and that is about 25 degrees hotter than I prefer it to be. JMO of course ;)

One last thing is that I’m curious if anyone has any ideas as to what to do with the website in the summer time? I was thinking of rain but I think it would be impossible to keep track and update all of the cities. There would be hundreds if not more plus it’s kind of depressing. Does anyone have any thoughts and if so please suggest them here in the comment section. Have a Safe, Awesome Summer Everyone :)

First Off – A big Thanks to Jack Y. for your recent generous donation to the site. As always I cannot say enough how much I appreciate it and how they do offset the costs of the site and time spent on it. I’ve received many donations this month that have helped out and it’s nice to know that the site and hours that go into it is appreciated. Thanks again Jack and to the rest of you :)
3/28 Erie Sets up The Catapult and Fires Away - It was Erie, Pa’s turn to launch some snowballs in the direction of Syracuse this time and Dave Belmondo was more than happy to step up to the snow mountain and fire away :) If you read below you will see that Andrew Donovan from Syracuse’s channel 9, WSYR was the first to throw a snowball at David Belmondo and the city of Erie. Erie who is in first place right now with some more snow in their forecast wasn’t going to just sit by and take the pounding from second place Syracuse, NY. Below are both video’s of some fun back and forth going on between Erie and Syracuse. Ut Oh, Erie has even gone a little further than Da’Cuse looking for a little help from Bishop Persico, lol. I’m loving it and Let the snowballs fly ;)

If the video doesn’t work for you, try hitting refresh or click the link below.
3/27 Syracuse Launches the First Attack – The snow race got a little bit closer this last update and once again Erie can hear footsteps coming up the snow mountain. Syracuse has closed the lead to just a little over an inch now and no doubt time is running out for all of the cities. Erie is still the King of the snow mountain as they have been most of the season.

I’m liking that some of the local news stations are starting to throw snowballs at each other and Syracuse started it yesterday with Channel 9 in Syracuse doing a little bit of trash talking with David Belmondo from WJET in Erie, PA. All in fun of course and that’s what the snow contest is about. Here is a clip of that and lets wait and see if David Belmondo has a few snowballs up his sleeve to toss back at Syracuse. Kind of seems like I am trying to instigate a good snowball fight doesn’t it ;) Of Course I AM!!!

If you get an Error with the video you can click on the link below to watch it.

I think I heard something about part 2 on Channel 9 news in Syracuse with Erie’s respond tonight. Stay tuned because I’m reading about more snow in the air come the end of the weekend. Have a Great Weekend Everyone :)

Syracuse, New York continues to slide down the snow mountain dropping another spot this update. Erie, PA has to be loving it considering the big comeback that Syracuse made at the very end of the season to go ahead of both Erie and Worcester, Massachusetts. Erie also gained some snow on the rest of us since the last update :(

Grand Rapids, Michigan slipped past Syracuse for the number 3 slot on the mountain knocking Da’Cuse down to number 4. All of the top 10 snowiest cities managed to stay in the top 10 this round. That could change come tomorrow with it snowing today in some of the Golden Snow Globe cities including here in the Syracuse area.

Is it snowing in your city today? How about in Erie, Buffalo, Rochester or any of the other cities? Give us an update in this post if you have a minute to let us know what’s happening in your neck of the woods ;) Taking a rough guess I’m thinking about 4 – 5 inches so far here in the Syracuse area with light snow still falling. Sure beats the cloudy, gloomy, rainy days we have been having.

Enough for now and it’s almost time for what should be a good college basketball game between Pitt and Syracuse. Good Luck Pitt but Let’s Go Orange ;)

I was able to get a full update in today and there was a little bit of movement in the top 10 snowiest city lineup. Sioux Falls, South Dakota has once again fallen out of the top 10 being replaced by Salt Lake City, Utah who had some decent snow since the last update setting a date record. Salt Lake City picked up 6.9 inches of new snow yesterday breaking the date record of 5.2 inches which dates back to 1951. Welcome back to the top 10 snowiest cities Salt Lake City ;)

Erie continues to dominate this seasons snow contest and continues to hold the crown so far as the King of the Snow Mountain. Erie still has over a oot of snow lead in the contest. The question is, can they hold on to it until the end of the season? I think a better question would be when will Erie give up the top spot on the snow mountain ;) I believe it’s way too early for any of the snowiest big cities in the US to hold a lead right through the season but you never know.

Speaking of how early it is in the snow season winter hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s pretty impressive that some of the Golden Snow Globe cities have had the amount of snow they have had so far before Winter even begins which is tomorrow. Winter Solstice which has the shortest daylight of the year and longest darkness starts tomorrow afternoon, Saturday December 21st at 12:11 EST, eastern standard time. When the kids were little I use to always bring them to the window or take them outside to wave and say “Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter” :) Ok. I still do it every year when I happen to remember the time ;)

The good news is that we start gaining sunlight time from there on with the daylight getting longer and the darkness getting shorter :) A minute here and a minute there starts to add up after awhile and before you know it Spring will be right around the corner. Of course before that happens a lot of us will have to probably deal with a hundred inches or more of new snow.

This weeks movers were Boston and Worcester, Mass and Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Boston climbed up 24 spots on the snow mountain while Worcester and Bridgeport both climbed about 12 spots.  WTG!

With Christmas coming up fast it’s going to be hit and miss here at   I will be getting some top 10 updates in though during the holiday season and hopefully at least one or two full updates.  I like to see how all of the cities are doing just as much as you all do.

It took awhile this year for the Christmas spirit to kick in for me but it finally did yesterday which means I have a ton of catching up to do on all of my Christmas stuff :(   Only four days left for me to finish shopping, decorating and of course baking my Christmas cookies :)   Yes I bake!  I have been a bachelor for quite awhile off and on so I pretty much do it all now.  I do have great family though and my sisters and other relatives do take care of me with some nice cookie trays also for Christmas ;)

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!


I just got done doing a 3 1/2 hour full update and Almost every city in the national snowiest big city contest received some snow or at least a trace of snowfall since the last update. I think this was the most shuffling on the Golden Snow Globe snow mountain that I have seen since keeping the stats for the contest. Almost every state in the contest had at least a few snowflakes falling the last few days with a few cities making it into the top 10 as a few dropped out.

You can check out to see if your city climbed the snow mountain this update or slipped back down the mountain. My city, the great city of Syracuse was lucky they had a rope to hold onto and didn’t slide all the way to the bottom ;) Don’t count us out yet ;) Look for more updates as the snow falls.

We also have been dropping some cities from the contest and will probably drop several more as the season goes on. So far we have been keeping most of the coastal cities for the fact that the past has shown they can hold their own as long as the Coastal storms and Nor’easter’s are hitting. There was almost one lined up to hit this week but it headed out to sea instead. We are also looking for some new snowy cities to add into the Golden Snow Globe contest so feel free to suggest a city that we may be missing that gets some decent snow each season on average. So far we are researching and looking at adding Rochester, Minnesota and Billings, Montana to the contest. If you have any suggestions just leave a comment here and we will check it out. Thanks :)