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I know every season I say I am going to get a snow gallery of pictures up and never seem to do it. It’s not from lack of trying though it’s a matter of figuring out some of the software to add to the site. This season and hopefully this week I will play around again and try to get something up.

If you have some decent pictures of the snow in your neck of the woods please send them to me at thegoldensnowball @ (remove the spaces) and mention snow pictures in the title of your email. Thanks all and for those of you in the areas about to get pounded with the snow please take it slow and stay safe.

Here Are 2 Pictures From Dave in Erie, Pa

As Dave mentions These 2 pictures show how dramatically weather can change in Erie, PA from day to day!

Erie, Pennsylvania’s first snowfall of the season. Pictures from Dave B.

First Snowfall In Erie, Pa

Come tomorrow and even tonight Buffalo, Erie and several other cities are expecting up to 2 feet of snowfall or more. I will be posting updates as they come in from the National Weather Service. I’ve seen some live shots of Buffalo and it looks like it has started there already. Stay tuned and stay safe ;)

With Pat’s decision to unofficially officially call the contest over and Syracuse the inaugural champion, I thought it might be fun to post some of my pictures from the season.

If you recall, the early part of the season, Syracuse was lagging behind in the standings. The picture below, taken on New Year’s Eve, tells that story quite well.
December Snow
Indeed, there is some snow, but not as much as we’re used to for that time of year.

Let’s fast forward the look back to February. For those of you who don’t know, I work part time on late nights, often getting home well after 3 AM. For the most part, it’s not too bad traveling. The worst part in the winter is typically getting home as more often than not, the roads (including the highways) are not in the best shape in the very early morning hours. In late February, Syracuse was stuck with a record breaking snowfall, and I could not get to work. I tried to, but after about 3 miles, the snow proved to be too much, and I conceded defeat and retreated home. The next few photos show the conditions at about the time I would have gotten home, had I somehow managed to arrive at work.
February Snow 1February Snow 2
Yeah, that would not have been fun to experience.

That day, and the day after, most (if not all) the area schools were closed. I don’t remember a time in the past decade when the schools were shut down for 2 straight days. The only other event that I can recall is the Blizzard of ’93, and that is going back a ways. A couple of pictures show the morning scene (when the busses would have likely arrived).
February Snow 3February Snow 4
I wouldn’t want the busses out in that either, so let the kids (and adults) enjoy the snow for the day.

From one extreme to the other, April started out with record breaking heat. This led to another occurrence I don’t remember too often in the Syraucse area…cherry blossoms in mid-April.
Mid April Cherry Blossoms
The end of Winter? Hardly.

As it turned out, Syracuse Winter had one last gasp on Mother’s Day weekend. It wasn’t much, but the early morning hours featured some snow flakes. Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of the event.

Have a great week everyone! By the way, if you have some snow pictures, feel free to send us some. Uh…the pictures, not the snow. :) Details are available here.

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Have some great pictures of the winter weather in your neck of the woods? Send them to us and we’ll post them on here. Just let us know who you are, when and where the picture was taken from.

We’ll be starting up a picture gallery in the near future and there is nothing cooler than pictures of people having a blast in the snow. Anything to do with your snowfall works for us here at Golden Snow Globe. Send your pictures preferably no larger than 800 x 600 to . We can resize them for you if you can’t.

Below is a picture from Alisha from Canastota, NY. Alisha wrote:

“I truly believe winter is a great time of year for people of ALL ages. I am turning 21 years old next week, and I STILL enjoy building snowmen!! I would LOVE to see this put on the news as a shout out for all of central new york of these jolly snowmen wishing everyone who drives by a happy holidays.”

Snowmen Sent By Alisha Ladd of Canastota, NY

Thanks for the picture Alisha and it looks like fun!