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1/28 – Just did a full update. NYC (Central Park) moves into the top 10. I still have some other cities that some of you mentioned to check out. Fighting off a cold/bronchitis right now which is why the delay in posting these.


The latest winter storm in the Northeast has pushed some cities to record levels for January. Below are the stats for the month, with previous records in parenthesis.

Bridgeport, CT: 34.8 (26.2)
Hartford, CT: 56.9 (43.1)
Islip, NY: 25.6 (21.5)
Newark, NJ: 32.6 (31.6)
New York (Central Park), NY: 32.3 (27.4)
New York (LaGuardia), NY: 27.7 (27.6)

The 56.9 inches for Hartford, CT makes January, 2011 the snowiest month ever for the city. Their previous record was 45.3 set in December, 1945.