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First off a big Thanks to Rhonda for your donation to the site. I know I’ve said it many times but your donations are appreciated and do help out big time. Thank You Rhonda :)
Thanks to Andy also for taking the time to send me some info I was looking for about the lakes freezing over.  I’ll post about that in a day or two.

OK!!!  Buffalo, NY continues to slowly gain ground on the snow lead that Erie, PA has in the Golden Snow Globe contest. Buffalo is now just a snow storm away or 15.1 inches away to be exact.

I checked back a little over a week ago and on the January 4th update Buffalo was in 4th place and 30.1 inches behind Erie, Pa. Buffalo has made up about 15 inches in the last week or so. Go Buffalo!

Right now everything seems to be pretty quiet across the US as far as snowfall goes. A lot of rain here in the Syracuse area but at least it warmed up for a few days hitting 50+ degrees which seemed like a heat wave after that -25 – -35 below wind chill factor that came around for a couple of days.

Let’s talk College Hoops. We all know that Syracuse is Americas favorite team :P but other than the SU Orange, who is your next favorite college basketball team? Be careful in answering this though because any replies with the Duke Blue Devils may get banned.  The same goes for Arizona who is ranked number 1 in the country in the polls ahead of Syracuse.  I’M JOKING OF COURSE ;)  I’m curious for the fact that some of the states have several cities in the snow contest and also have several college basketball teams in their state.

PA is a good example. I know some people including my brother who lives in Philly and most of them root for Villanova. I’m guessing you folks in Pittsburgh root for The Pitt Panthers first. Erie, Pa I don’t have a clue about but would guess maybe Pitt? Anyways, leave a comment in this post to let me know who your favorite college basketball team is in the country.

Have an Awesome Weekend All :)