4 comments on “Buffalo, NY Closing the Snow Gap on Erie, PA

    • Hi Toni and Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been studying the basketball schedules and I have to admit that a couple of the teams we, Syracuse have played so far have made me a little nervous. having to Play Pitt twice without a doubt has me nervous. I was surprised at how long it took for them to get added to the top 25 polls but of course we all know how political that can be. Pitt may have not played te best teams around yet but blowing out all of the teams they have played so far should count for something not to mention their 1 loss which was only by one point. I’ll be rooting for Pitt this season except for when they play us of course :) GO SU!!!

  1. Buffalo was the lucky recipient of the heavy snow we were supposed to receive here in Erie during the Arctic outbreak last week. Thanks to a well aligned southwesterly flow, Buffalo was able to score about 17″ over the event. I was worried they would receive more, but I think the cold air and the rapid freezing over of the lake during the deep freeze cut down on accumulations in Buffalo. With so much of the lake frozen, I think it will be hard for Buffalo to catch up to Erie at this point. Syracuse and Rochester…that’s another story. Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze and you guys have plenty of time to catch up.

    Here’s the ice cover on the lakes as of today (1-12-14):


    • Thanks for the link Dave. Now for those of us not on Lake Erie we have to hope that we don’t get too many Nor’easters for the rest of the season and hope they don’t come inland too far if we do get them :)

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