The Golden Snow Globe Contest – Snowiest City in the United States

Which big city with a population of 100,000 or more will be the snowiest city in the United States this snow season?  Only time and a lot of snow will tell.  Welcome to the new Golden Snow Globe website. Consider this the Grand opening of the site even though it isn’t even close to being ready.  Things that will be updated on here soon will be which city is leading so far, the top ten snowiest cities to date and more. The reason for opening up shop early is to get some suggestions and feedback from visitors here. Maybe lay down some rules that haven’t been set in stone, err snow yet and get this bad boy rolling.

Why the name golden snow globe? Perhaps down the road we can make this contest global. I looked into it and I honestly don’t see it happening for the reason of trying to get official and honest stats from some countries. I do see us bringing Canada into the contest hopefully as soon as next season though which will just add to the fun in my opinion. They have a few cities that are right up there with the best of us when it comes to snow.

What’s the Golden Snow Globe about in a sentence? Fun, bragging rights as the 2009 – 20010 snowiest US city and some kind of trophy, prize or whatever we come up with for the winning city at the end of the snow season.

Some of you may have heard of the Golden Snowball Contest and most likely if you don’t live in New York State you haven’t heard of it.  It’s a contest between 5 cities in NY that compete for a beautiful trophy and more importantly bragging rights to being the snowiest city in upstate – central NY.  The 5 cities include Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse.  To give you an idea about that contest check out

Well consider that contest and multiply it by lots. Lots of cities in lots of different states across the US. After doing a little research a few of the states that look to have some cities that will definitely make this a pretty competitive snow contest include Colorado, Pennsylvania, the Great State of New York (Yeah, I’m a little bias toward NY) Alaska, Michigan and several others.

Beer (Bud Please) with us as we gather and post the snow stats in the next couple of days here at goldensnowglobe . com. Will mistakes be made? You betcha and that’s a promise and probably lots of them so feel free if you see something to let us know about it. More importantly your suggestions and feedback aren’t only welcome here we encourage it :)

As for the rules we like to use official stats and those stats come from NOAA, the national weather service. Population must be over 100,000 and we can all discuss when we want the end date to be.

I’m also hoping to get some guest posters here whether it’s a local meteorologist from your city, journalists, the abominable snowman or who ever we can trick into posting. It should be an interesting and most likely problem filled fun first year.

That’s about all for now but stay tuned because things should be getting updated here constantly in the next couple of days. If I were a betting man, which I am by the way (Shhhh) my bet would be going on a city in Colorado that’s most likely leading the snow contest right now.

Hey,Have a Super Day All!

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