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Golden SnowCast Forecast 2 results to come later, but I saw this yesterday and figured it would be worth showing.

Some of the Penn State Meteorology Department staff do a show called Weather World. This is the same show that gave me the idea to do the Golden SnowCast. One segment is called WxYz (WeatherWhys) with Dr. Jon Nese. On December 2nd, Nese took a look at temperature data from October and November, and noted some interesting findings. He also then compared data from El Nino winters to the Climate Prediction Center’s winter outlook. To see the segment, go to Weather World on the Web and click on the WxYz graphic. In case the WxYz segment mentioned is replaced with a new one between now and whenever you are reading this, Nese keeps an archive of the year’s WxYz segments at this page and look for the December 2nd edition when it is posted. I’m not sure if he takes down previous year’s segments, or if 2009 is simply the first year of WxYz, so I suggest watching it soon.

For those of you wondering, the Sure Bets segment is the inspiration for the Golden SnowCast.

Have a great weekend everyone!