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First off I’ve gotten hit with a lot of great emails and thanks for all the response. I’ll be answering them as soon as I have a chance. The same with the comments on here. I am reading all of them as they are posted.

The top 10 snowiest cities have been updated and hopefully all of the cities will be updated. I’ll post here when the update is done. Syracuse Orange -vs- Louisville at 1:00 PM so chances are that there will be a 2 hour break at 1 :) GO CUSE!!!

Happy Valentines Day All :)

First off I’m sorry about the lack of updates but a member of my family has been really sick. I’ll try to get at least the top 10 snowiest cities updated more frequently like at least every other day and as time permits with the full update.

Who would have thought that at this time in the season that Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC would be where they are right now in the snow lineup. It gets even better or worse depending how you look at it. There are a couple of storms going on right now and if all falls in place there could be a good chance that a couple of those cities may be in the lead for the snowiest city in the United States in the next few days. Pretty cool IMO :)

All 3 of the cities are about 50 inches above their normal snowfall for this time in the season give or take a little. I was expecting or at least hoping for a good snow contest for the first season but now way did I see it playing out like this. Syracuse is still king of the snow mountain but the snow race has a lot of snow days to go and right now the top prize as snowiest big city (pop 100,000) is up for grabs. Hopefully we’ll have more frequent updates from here on!

Have a Great Week All!