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Top 10 Snowiest cities Updated 1/8 4:30 PM - I was able to get a top 10 update in and there have been a couple of changes on the snow mountain. Buffalo, NY climbed a couple of spots and are now in 2nd place on the mountain. Buffalo picked up more than enough snow to slip past Syracuse, NY and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Syracuse dropped down 2 spots and went from 2nd place to 4th while Grand Rapids was able to stay in the number 3 slot. Way to go Buffalo! If it’s not my Syracuse I have to root for a NY city at least. Is Erie feeling the pressure yet :) Stay Tuned!


Update 1/8 - South Bend Residents Please Read – I meant to explain why South Bend, Indiana was removed from the list yesterday but forgot to. Cory posted a comment which reminded me about it and here is Cory’s comment and my reply and believe me I think it stinks that we had to pull South Bend. Hopefully things get straightened out and for anyone or a group who lives or is always around the airport NOAA would like to hear from you. This is a 24/7 operation and I believe measurements need to be taken every 6 hours around the clock. You can contact Jeff Logsdon at the National Weather Service at 574-834-1104

Cory Asked - What happened to South Bend?!? We still have a population of over 100,000. We have received 46.4″ so far this winter. I have a link to the website. This is according to NOAA.


ME - Hi Cory, unfortunately I just pulled South Bend this last update and trust me, I didn’t want to. We have been waiting for NOAA to post their official snow totals for awhile now and they haven’t since around mid December. We looked around to see what was going on and Stephen who posts here found out why. It appears there is some kind of dispute going on with NOAA and the airport as far as someone at the airport measuring the snow. From what I have read is that any snow stats for South Bend for the time being anyways are unofficial snow stats. I’m not sure where WNDU is getting their stats from unless they are taking measurements where they are at. I know that NOAA is looking for snow spotters that lives or who spends time around the airport to help out. Do you know if WNDU is near the airport or are you Cory? Here is the info about it and hopefully South Bend will be back before the season is over. Sorry about that.



This last full update was all about Michigan and Illinois snow totals. Just about every city from those states climbed up the snow mountain including Grand Rapids which is now in 3rd place. Michigan for the time being owns the top 10 snowiest cities in the US with 4 cities making it into the top 10 this update.

I did get a full update in and Erie, Pa still holds a pretty commanding lead right now but watch your backs because it seems each update some of the slow starters keep closing in on the top cities. More to come on this last update a little later when I have some more time :)