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For the New York State forecast, it was back to the Golden Snowball cities. I predicted that a majority of the cities would not have measurable snow on either Saturday or Sunday. The table below shows the snow totals on each day for each city, as reported by the National Weather Service.

Upstate New York Snowfall
City Saturday Sunday
Cities with no measurable snowfall on either Saturday or Sunday: 4
Albany None None
Binghamton 0.2 0.2
Buffalo 0.9 Trace
Rochester 1.4 None
Syracuse 1.0 Trace

On Saturday, all but Albany received measurable snowfall. However, only Binghamton had measurable snowfall on Sunday. That’s 4 out of 5 with a trace or less on one day in the forecast period, making this a correct forecast. Of the 2 times I’ve done a “no measurable snowfall” forecast for NYS, Binghamton has been the one that has measurable snowfall. The first time was Forecast 1, which cost me a correct forecast.

For the World Forecast, I expected at least half of the 5 major reporting stations in Florida would have high temperatures at least 10 degrees below average on Saturday and Sunday. The table below shows the National Weather Service’s reports for each city on each day.

Florida High Temperatures
City Saturday Average/Actual Sunday Average/Actual
Cities with high temperatures 10+ below average: 5
Jacksonville 64/37 64/44
Miami 76/63 76/48
Orlando 71/40 71/44
Tallahassee 63/38 63/41
Tampa 70/42 70/43

This one was one of those that was not close but managed to work out my way. The only one that was close to my 10 degree threshold was Miami on Saturday, at 13 below average. All the others were at least 20 below their historical average. When I made the forecast, Miami appeared to be the one that could be within single digits, so I gave myself some cushion. That cushion obviously turned out to not be necessary. Another reason for 10, is that in my eyes, if you are that far away from average (on either warmer or colder) that’s pretty extreme. So the idea was that there would be extreme cold in Florida. Little did I know that it would be far more extreme than that.

Golden SnowCast Results
Region Record
Overall Percentage: 78.57%
NYS 5-2
World 6-1
Overall 11-3

Two correct predictions, and it’s almost 80% for me on the season. This is the highest percentage I’ve had since being at 83.33% after forecast 3. Forecast 4 was the complete disaster, and I will try to avoid that again next time.

Have a great week everyone!

The week or so has produced a good amount of snow for most of the Golden Snowball cities. The New York State forecast will focus on snow for the GSB sites.

A majority of Golden Snowball cities will not have measurable snow on either Saturday or Sunday.

The GSB areas look to be getting a little bit of a break from the snow over the weekend. Remember that measurable snow is a tenth of an inch or more. As long as 3 or more out of the 5 cities have either a trace or nothing, this forecast will be correct.

This year’s Orange Bowl in Miami was the coldest on record, so the World forecast will look to Florida with a temperature prediction.

At least half of the 5 major Florida reporting stations will have high temperatures 10 degrees below average on Saturday and Sunday.

The much colder than usual temperatures appear to stay with Florida for the weekend. The 5 stations used will be Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. The forecast will be correct if 3 or more of the cities listed have high temperatures 10 degrees or more below their average for both Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great rest of the work week everyone!