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It’s still snowing in Erie, Pa and in Syracuse, NY. The flakes must be bigger in Erie though because they continue to be the King of the snow mountain. Erie is also adding to their lead over the rest of the cities and piled up a half a foot lead over second place Syracuse.

Make me wonder if they are doing the same thing that their Pennsylvania basketball teams have been doing to the Syracuse Orange mens basketball team. Letting them think they are in the game only to only to shut them down just enough at the end. So far Syracuse’s 3 losses are from PA teams, which were Temple, Villanova and Pittsburg. The good thing is that there is still plenty of time left in both the snow season and the basketball season :) Win or lose let’s hope it’s at least a Big East kind of season as this will be the last time most if not all play in the Big East :(

I’m curious as to which is the college basketball team that is the favorite in the Erie, Pa area???

OK, back to snow totals. This was just a top 25 snowiest city update meaning I only went 25 cities deep. The top 10 should be a safe bet as I have them now but I didn’t go down past number 25 on the list. Chances are there are a few cities below that probably have more snow than some of the other cities in the top 25. I’ll get a full update in when I have a few hours to spare.

Take care and have an awesome week everyone!!!