3 comments on “New Snow Update Erie, Pa Snowing Away With The Contest

  1. NWS BUF later revised their statement saying its not as iced over as they thought. I suspect the clear skies today allowed for some good visible satellite images. I live right on Lake Erie and I can tell you that I see ice as far as I can see; however, when you go south of the city and into the hills, you can definitely still see some open water. Even when the lake is iced over, the lake effect machine can still rev up. I think Syracuse has a good shot of passing Erie with this upcoming storm. We shall see!

  2. Dan, Thanks for the heads up. I think this season is going to go down to the end still. I’m seeing different reports on the storm that they still aren’t sure about where it will hit. Could be a game changer for some of the cities :)

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