3 comments on “Syracuse falls under 100,000 population!

  1. Hey Stephen, good one and if I didn’t just read something about Syracuse’s pop finally starting to stabilize ya would have gotten me :P

  2. Charles, as requested your first post was deleted ;) If it was snowing I’m sure there would have been many more of them and probably including one from me. Hopefully during the off season I’ll be able to update all the populations with the newest numbers and feel free to call me out if I get something wrong which I normally do. Thanks for the post :)

  3. By the way, I was turned onto your site by your biggest fans in DC, the Washington Post Weather Gang – and during our big storms of 2010, I followed their blog like some Hollywood celebrity follows TMZ. I was amused that all of those New Yorkers were almost “offended” by Baltimore’s rise to snow dominance. Of course Baltimore would have been happy not to have had that title, they would have welcomed all the snow plows and dump trucks from NY state, just to get rid of that darn snow.

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