3 comments on “Worcester Back on Top, Erie, PA Joins The 100 Inches of Snow Club

  1. I must say, this season is not the typical Erie winter that I love. I’ve lived here my entire life and we usually get tons of snow (literally, thousands of tons.) But the past 3 weeks have seen us in the single digits and, on many occasions, below 0. This is uncommon. Erie tends to hover in the 20s while the sky pours feet of snow on us every few days. But with this awful cold-snap the snow we have just sits there and we get nothing new. With how hard it came down a month ago I was sure we’d win this year. But instead we have the same snow we had a month ago because its been so cold. I can’t remember a winter this cold since I was in the single-digits myself (in my 20s now.) We hit -12 a week or so ago and the sky was completely clear as it tends to want to do when temperatures plummet to such a degree (pun.) I can only hope March heats up and brings back the snowy skies we are used to. I have a thing running with another store manager up in Syracuse that we will beat him yet again.

    • If it’s any comfort to you, I live in Worcester and I know we’re not going to win this thing. Once it does (finally) start to warm up, I suspect you, Syracuse and Buffalo’s snow machines will all fire back up and we’ll be done.

      The thing is, when that happens, I doubt I am going to mind. Go team. : )

      • I don’t know Uschi, Worcester has hung tough til the end in the past. I think you will be in it right until the last snowflake falls :) Is that good or bad, lol

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