2 comments on “Boring Comes to Mind – Snow Stats Updated 1/17/2010

  1. Hey Mark,

    I’ve heard nothing but good thing about Colorado and how beautiful it is. One of my brother-in-laws was from there and his family is still there. Unfortunately my Daughter has heard the same as I have and wants to move there some day. Of course Daddy is trying to discourage his little girl from moving too far from Central New York ;)

  2. Very cool website. As a snow freak I really enjoy checking out the stats frequently. I grew up East of Syracuse (Sherrill) and moved to Grand Junction Colorado back in 92. Moved out here to be a Ski-Bum and enjoy more consistant snowfall. My skiis have since turned into a Snowmobile and the The Bum turned into a Railroad Engineer. I feel blessed to live in such a cool place. Typically here in Grand Junction we don’t get much snow, maybe 25 inches a yr. But a short drive (30 minutes), and your at 10000 feet on the Grand Mesa where the average snowfall is well over 400 inches.

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