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Watch out all because here comes last seasons runner-up Worcester, Massachusetts charging up the snow mountain. For those of you that may not have been around the Golden Snow Globe site last season it was a super close snow race right to the very end. Unfortunately the end never came until something like May 31st because all of the Colorado cities decided to make a late charge.

If I remember correctly and trust me my memory is shot, last season Worcester held a pretty good lead come March and the battle at that time was between Erie and Syracuse fighting for second place. Syracuse looked to be out of the contest at one point but managed to get some fluke lake effect snowfall, about 10.5 inches in April which even for Syracuse is pretty much unheard of. Here was the headline on April 2nd of last season. BREAKING NEWS – Syracuse Plows Past Worcester and Erie :) Let’s hope we hear that again this season.

OK, enough rambling and the point I am trying to make, I think, is don’t count Worcester out of this seasons contest. They are battle tested and proven and the question is do they have enough snowballs left to win the snowball fight this season? Keep in mind also that Worcester, Massachusetts is one of those cities that know how to pick up any snow that is hanging around them and they almost always get in on the coastal storms.

Right now they are a ways behind the current King of the snow mountain Erie but they are climbing pretty fast. I don’t even think they were in the top 20 at the beginning of this month but have moved up to #7. So far for February and it’s not over yet Worcester has piled up 38.2 inches of new snowfall. Their total right now for the season is 77.6 inches putting them 32.9 inches over their normal total to date which on average is should only be 44.7 inches. They are also 10 inches over last seasons total snowfall for this time in the season which was 67.5 inches of snow. Yup, I would say that those of us ahead of Worcester, Mass should be watching our backs right now for their sneak attack ;)

Have an Awesome Night All ;)