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I just did an update but ended up cutting out about 25 cities and probably should have cut out a lot more. From here on I’ll be updating snow stats for the top 40 cities and come the end of the contest I’ll update all of the cities that we had in the snow contest most of the season. Believe it or not the national snow contest doesn’t end until May 15th mainly for the fact that the Colorado cities still get some snow up until around then.

With the way the weather has been it’s kind of hard to even think about the national snow contest. Here in Syracuse we set a bunch of high temperature records and even hit 80 which is pretty much unheard of in March. I know a bunch of other cities have enjoyed the record breaking weather also. I did do a snow dance for the Syracuse area but that won’t help Syracuse in this contest. It may help us win the New York Golden Snowball contest though :)

Right now it looks like it’s going to come down to Anchorage, Alaska and Lakewood, Colorado. All of the other cities are at least 70 inches away from the top of the snow mountain. If I were a betting man, oh yeah, I am, I would be putting my bet down on Anchorage. If your city was dropped from the current list and you get some decent snow let me know and I’ll add your city back in.

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Have a Great Week All :)