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There was more movement in the snow contest than I expected and Provo, Utah made the biggest move climbing up 32 spots on the mountain. Provo added 10.5 inches of new snow to bring them all the way up to the top 10 snowiest cities group. They only had 0.5 inches the last update and I’m now showing 11 inches of snowfall for Provo. Utah’s totals. Pretty impressive but not even close to enough to challenge the top spot on the snow mountain.

Billings, Montana continues to hold on to the title of King of the Snowiest big cities. So far anyways ;) The problem is, for the rest of us that is, is that they continue to cushion their lead it seems every time I do an update. All we can do is sit by and hope that when that cold air moves across the country that the rest of us can tap into it and pick up some new snow to add to our totals.

It’s been quiet this side of the country in the east/northeast but that cold front should be moving in sometime this weekend. I think I may go and get a generator to jump start that lake effect snow for all of us in the northeast. Erie is still holding tough in the second place spot. Right now there are probably about 13 cities right behind them though and just waiting to push them down the snow mountain a few spots ;) I think it will come down to which way the wind blows this weekend and who will get rain or snow.

I’m still loving how the contest this season is staying really close with a bunch of cities in striking distance of taking the top spot from Billings. That is if they ever slow down to give us a chance. The movers this last update were the Colorado cities, obviously Utah, South Dakota and Billings. Enough for now and have a Great day All :)