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Just a Heads Up - this website may be going offline for a little while after today. With costs going up with hosting and other related costs not to mention the time put into it I had to add the Pay Pal donation button on the site this season, sorry about that.  Hopefully the site won’t be down no longer than a day or two. We will try and get it back up ASAP.


I was seeing a lot of coverage on the snow that Erie has been getting so I decided to do a top 10 update. Erie, Pa received something like 16.3 inches of snow on january 21st and I was curious if they picked up enough snow to sled past Syracuse. They came close and are less than a couple of inches away from taking over the top spot on the snow mountain.

It’s been snowing a little in the Syracuse area but most of the lake effect snow bands have been hanging just miles to the north of them in places like Oswego, Fulton and other towns to the north. Those cities and town have picked up 2 feet plus of snow lucky them ;) Erie, Pennsylvania still has some decent snow in their forecast for the next few days as does Syracuse so it will be interesting to see if Syracuse can hold on or if Erie slips past them. I’ll try and keep up with it and post it here if someone knocks Da’Cuse down the mountain.

Here are some good stats that has the snowfall records for Erie, Pa broken down by the month.