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First off a Happy New Year to All of Our Visitors ;)

Syracuse has taken over the top spot on the snow mountain this last update. Just a week or so ago they were at 3 inches on the season but added another 33 inches to move into first place and be the first city to hit the yard of snow mark. After the 3 days of shoveling this guys back decided to slip out so I’m kind of hoping for a little bit of a break from shoveling. Yeah, I’m a sissy man and you would think living in the snowiest big city (pop 100,000 or more) I would have a snow blower after all of these years. Maybe next season ;)

A lot of the cities added some new snow to their totals. I think all but about 3 – 4 cites had some new snowfall to add up. Ohio, Rhode Island and Connecticut seemed to be the states on the move upward on the Golden Snow Globe mountain. Colorado is still pretty quiet and so was last years snow champ Anchorage, Alaska.

Looking across the country there is still some cold air spread out all around the US. That could make for another interesting update come the next update. What I’m still liking is the fact that it’s really early in the 2012 – 2013 snow season and there are quite a few cities still within striking distance of the top spot. Good Luck and Way to Go Syracuse! Hay, way to go Syracuse football and basketball and it will be interesting to see if Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim can pass Bobby Knight’s record tonight with win over Rutgers for win number 903. Good Luck coach B and thanks for the 50 years at SU.

Have a Great Week All and Drive Careful :)

We have three new cities in the top 10 for the first time this season. Boston, Mass, Erie, Pa and Hartford, Connecticut picked up quite a bit of snow since the last update at the Golden Snow Globe website. I knew Erie would make a move sooner or later and they have had it pretty easy up until the last week. Boston and Hartford are a little bit of a surprise but with the storms coming up the northeast coast they should keep cashing in on the white gold.

More of a surprise to me is that Boston is ahead of Worcester, Mass which you don’t see too often. Syracuse, still the snowiest city to beat most likely hit the 100 inch mark as I was updating the stats. A nice blast of lake effect snow dropped a quick couple of inches as I was updating and it hasn’t stopped yet. There are still several cities just a couple of good snow storms away from Syracuse so don’t think it’s a runaway for Syracuse. If South Bend can tap into another LES event like a couple of weeks ago they are right there with Da’Cuse. A couple more Nor’easters and several cities will be in the running ;)

According to the weather channel all of the US states received measurable snow with the exception of Florida. I don’t know if that is a first or not. I know it explains why this update took a little longer than normal with most of the cities listed here receiving some snow. That said, I will be dropping a few cities and adding a few. I know some of the cities in the southeast have picked up some snow and if you have a city in mind that you want listed that has received at least 10 inches give or take let me know. Remember though that the population has to be 100,000 or more. Hey,

Have a Great Week All :)