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First off a BIG Thanks to Robert S. for his donation to the site which I believe is the second time he has donated. Your donations do really help to offset some costs. Thanks Robert, I do appreciate it :)

Congrats to Billings, Montana retaking the lead and dropping Erie, Pa from the top of the snow mountain. If my memory serves me right which it normally doesn’t this is the second time that Billings has been on the top of the mountain. Billings, Montana had a record snowfall yesterday, 11/2/2013 picking up 6.2 inches of snow on the day breaking the old record of 4.6 dating back to 2008. Now we’ll have to wait to see if they have more snowfall to add today to cushion their lead.

Nothing else really changed in the top 10 snowiest big city lineup other than all of the other cities dropped a spot. It’s still a close snow race with Erie, Pa staying close to Billings in second place, followed by Syracuse, NY in third, Rochester and then Anchorage. So far the past champion of the 2011-2012 season Anchorage, Alaska has been pretty quiet in the Golden Snow Globe contest this season and are way behind their normal snow totals for the season. Right now they are reporting 11.2 inches of snow so far which is only half the amount of their normal snowfall this time of the year which should be 22.5 inches of snow. Let’s all hope it stays like that ;) Stay Tuned, a lot of snow season left.

Have and Awesome Week All and as always, See Snow, Drive Slow :)