8 comments on “Snowfall Update Coming a Little Later Today

  1. I know this sounds trivial but why do all of the top cities have their states spelled out but Erie just gets PA ? Maybe I’m too sensitive.

  2. Well you don’t even need to look at National Weather Service to update Erie’s grand total after today!! Add another 12 inches and that should about cover it!! Anyway, the morning commute was ok after getting a few inches or so during the night — but we got a lot of snow during the day, so the evening commute wasn’t pleasant. Going home on a heavily travelled 4 – lane street, I saw a lot of people stuck on side streets at intersections. That was the first time all winter that I saw people stuck all over the place…..Anyway, I think today was the highest 1 day total for the season with yet another storm coming on Sunday. It really is getting old now….This winter seems to be dragging on and on. Anywho, I’ve only got 5 more jigsaw puzzles in my stash–sure hoping the snow ends by the time I finish them!

    • Seems like the storms just keep lining up Kaleen. You may want to take you time on the puzzles ;)

    • Jill, All of the snow totals come from the National Weather Service (NOAA) they are the only official stats there are.

  3. Sorry to hear about your back! That’s snow fun. Hope that your “back” to normal soon… Seriously we must have got around 12″ here in Worcester, I shoveled a couple of hours ago and it’s “back” again! Maybe it’s finally time to look into a snow blower?

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